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December 21, 2012. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world?

2012 Crossing Over ‘A New Beginning’ (Brave Archer Films) – The date December 21st, 2012 has been a concern for many who are counting down to the alleged “end of days.” The closer the monumental date approaches, many questions what will happen? If we turn to major Hollywood film, that time will bring destruction, or that nothing will happen. Spiritualists, however, believe that because of the rapid changes to the Earth (i.e. environmental, social, or financial), that we are heading to a new stage in our conscious evolution. 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning is a documentary film produced by Brave Archer Films as a positive, inspirational message of the coming date, and that there is nothing to fear.2012 CROSSING OVER

Exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, Tantra Yoga and meditation teacher Bud Barber, and Vedic historian Acintya Govinda Das* are some of the speakers featured in 2012 Crossing Over that share their profound knowledge of their fields, a different interpretation of the Mayan Calendar and prophecy than the mainstream perspective, and the cycles of consciousness. In their eyes, 2012 is the culmination of a process of evolution resulting in the ascension of the Earth and its inhabitants. It is now understood that the Mayan Calendar is a marker that depicts when a time cycle would end, and another would begin. It is also theorized that at this period is the beginning of a rise in consciousness, and an increase in peace and spirituality. A time of advancement and possibly interaction with beings of a higher dimension. The question here is this–how can we be sure?

The other topics discussed in the documentary, the world ages of the Vedic texts and how other religious texts have discussed the same transition over thousands of years, fear vs. love and how the media, governmental and financial structures have controlled the personal destinies, manipulate astrology as it relates to various religious texts, and the galactic alignment, scheduled to take place 11:11 AM on December 21st.

The information presented is consciously uplifting, and help to calm fears the some may have about the upcoming date. The documentary speakers are knowledgeable, and their insight is accentuated with clips from George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and British writer and public speaker David Icke, to explain the Mayan 2012 concepts. Also, provide information about how ancient cultures and foundational religious texts seem to discuss the coming of these times–or the 2012 predictions.

With 2012 coming to an end, it is understood that we have a choice–to continue to live in fear, or continue to maintain the status quo; or become part of the great cycle of positive change.

Highly recommended.


*Vedic historian is an individual who studies the Vedic period (Vedic age) where the oldest scriptures of Hinduism were composed.

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BRAVE ARCHER FILMS' positive spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21, 2012. An investigation of the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who's behind it, love vs fear and much more.

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