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What goes around, comes around.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY (3:2) Tricks and Treats – I am all about a good exorcism and I am well satisfied after watching this episode–which offers a bit more for “trick” than it does treats. I am immersed in the intense drama. Especially where it concerns our beloved Sister Jude (Jessica Lange)  and Dr. Arden (James Cromwell). Too bad for the sexy Adam Levine. A total tease for the first episode only to be brutally killed off in the second. This bothers me–why waste time with a seemingly disconnected short story, where the 60s asylum is teeming with horror and suspense–as a steamy little romance all its on.

Thankfully, after the Leo, Teresa, and Bloody Face distraction, the show comfortably returns to the Briarcliff asylum, 1964. Parents are discussing with Sister Jude the problems they are having with their son. Poor kid is possessed by some demon, and they would like her help; however, Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) doesn’t approve of Sister Jude’s methods for caring for the insane. Sister Jude has her own story to tell; her back story revealed that she was once a lounge singer, boozer–and the killer of a little girl. Assuming out of guilt, she became a nun–it did little to soil her temperament.

Remember Lana (Sarah Paulson) the nosy reporter who found herself a patient of Briarcliff? It seems her insistence on disclosing the goings on within the facility landed her in electroshock treatment–for lesbianism. But the real reason is because Sister Jude want her to “forget” her reasons for wanting to meddle. After all is said and shockingly done–she remembers a way out of the asylum and tells her friend Grace (Lizzie Brochere)–who tells Kit (Evan Peters), who isn’t the “Bloody Face” killer everyone thinks he is (Bloody Face made quick work of Lana’s lover, which proves the murderer is still loose) and Kit, is actually innocent. Doesn’t matter to Lana–she refuses to help him escape so what does she do? Ruins the escape and eventually and is privileged to watch their intensive punishment. Well, watches as Kit takes Grace’s lashes. Can’t help but to love this guy.

Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) has definitely changed the makeover for her character. The once naive took on more than a bite of Dr. Arden’s sweet candy apple–she has taken on the demon excised from our misguided farm boy. This my friends, is a game changer. I predict extremely delicate and terrifying days ahead.  Tricks and Treats was an intriguing episode with a bit of cow eating, brain shocking, and introducing a prostitute to some of the finer things in life.

Must be Wednesday.

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American Horror Story, Tricks and Treats
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An Exorcist is summoned to Briarcliff to help save a troubled farm boy. Sister Jude's darkest secret is revealed.

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