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ARROW (Season 1:1) PILOT – I was this close to changing the channel on last night’s latest series drama as to avoid watching another billionaire playboy who secretly has an alter persona whose main focus is to remedy his beloved city from the bitter ills of society. But then I checked out Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) abs and gave pause. The show actually has a bit more to it than just another vigilante out to right the wrongs of his past. Queen, during the day, is this powerhouse of a personality and doing whatever it is that billionaire playboys do, and then at night, a bad ass ultra hero armed with a bow and a cache of arrows fighting crime.

I was again this close to changing the channel when it was revealed that there will be a detective out to arrest this unknown self-made hero because he believes that true justice should only be carried out by the law.  I gave pause, again, when I marveled Queen’s bruised and battered body. His optimum physique was clearly the result of 5-years of surviving on a deserted island in North China seas, enduring harsh conditions hoping one day he will be rescued and return home.

This is pretty much how my series night went. The combination of action, drama, romance, and mystery packed into an otherwise too familiar story line–and admiring Amell’s powerful physique. The action-thriller Arrow is based on DC Comic popular crime fighting hero. It may be difficult to distance the series from another popular DC crime fighting hero however, Oliver Queen does what “the other” DC hero is a bit reluctant to do, and that is rapidly adding to the criminal body count. There isn’t any doubt as to where the show draws its inspiration–it feels Nolan’esq in its setting–the neglected and impoverished areas of the city–even with how fantastic things look, how brilliantly choreographed,  and how brilliantly intense the action scenes are–this episode just did not hold an entire hour worth of television very well.

Granted, this was the “pilot” and all the significant characters and motivations are there. The episode caught us up to speed with a series of flashbacks of what Queen’s life was like before the shipwreck–the bit about his father and girlfriend Sara (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), both of whom died–then it brings us back to speed as he tries to make amends with Dinah (Katie Cassidy) for cheating on her–with Sara–and how he set up his underground area of operations. Hopefully, get caught up to speed–possibly during a series of flashbacks–on what all had happened on that deserted island–I want to see how Queen’s Arrow character developed those “artful talents” he use during his near poetic crime fighting nights out on the town–but, just not too much of it.

A show simply cannot build itself on just flashbacks alone.

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From DC Comics Entertainment and Uber producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg--comes a story of a man trying to not only save his city, but himself.

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