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Beautiful Boxer, 2003

Persevering through criticism.

Beautiful Boxer (2003) is a beautiful, inspirational film from Thailand based on the true story of Nong Thoom, a former transgender Muay Thai boxing champion. The film primarily occurs in flashback style, with Thoom (portrayed by male  Muay Thai boxer Asanee Suwan) narrating her tale of self-awareness as a female at a very young age and becoming a kickboxer to save up money for her sex-change operation.

A reporter has sought out Thoom (Suwan) for an exclusive interview on her story before her transformation surgery. What ensues is a heart-warming journey beginning with a childhood realization of desiring a new and true identity for herself. At a temple fair as a young boy, Thoom witnessed a beautiful stage performer reciting lines speaking of having a strong heart. From that night forward, he realized, deep down, he was a she. For a brief amount of time, Thoom became a Buddhist monk in order to create good karma for his family because of his “strange” desires. However, her true self always shined through and couldn’t continue to suppress her ultimate dream of having her “real” body.

As Thoom aged, she sought a need for money for her surgery and providing for her family. She won a kickboxing match at a temple fair and her brother Tam (Tanyabuth Songsakul) persuaded Nong to visit a kickboxing camp head by Pi Chart (Sorapong Chatree), who becomes one of his many friends encouraging to be himself in the ring despite criticism.

Suwan was positively charming as Thoom and the viewer cannot help but to root for her and sympathize with her dream. Anyone who watches this film will enjoy the delightful lessons of perseverance through persecution. Beautiful Boxer inspires people to continue on their path and stay true to themselves even though there will be others who do not approve. The fight scenes are riveting and realistic, proving that Suwan has experience in the ring. It was lovely to see Thoom had so much support from those around her, even from those in charge of the camp.

Beautiful Boxer is one of those films that will make you smile. It is an inspirational story that has something for everyone, and Japanese pro-wrestling fans will appreciate the Kyoko Inoue‘s cameo.

Based on the true story of a remarkable champion.

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Beautiful Boxer
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Beautiful Boxer is a poignant action drama that punches straight into the heart and mind of a boy who fights like a man so he can become a woman.

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