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If there ever was a story of triumph and the human spirit, then it is this movie–‘Ben X’ (2007), directed by Nic Balthazar. In his portrayal of Ben (Greg Timmermans)–brilliantly depicts a character with Asperger’s Syndrome. Everyone notices that Ben–is different. His day consists of routine–which he dialogues subconsciously–as an escape from the horrors of his realities–he visualizes himself as his high leveled main character in the online game Archlords ™–ranked as one of the highest leveled character in the game.

The sad fact of this movie is that Ben fell victim to constant bullying and pranks from his peers. This film detailed the struggle of Ben finding ways to cope. Ben responds to his situations of adversity and find a means to accomplish the unimaginable! Utilizing his skills in gaming to fight back! But not exactly as you would expect. With the help of ‘Scarlite’ (Laura Verlinden), Ben ‘prepares’ himself for the real world and his real life situation. He must have His end game.

Ben is different and his life is a universe all unto itself. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism that prevents normal communication, and while he is a courageous hero—BEN X—in the fantasy on-line gaming world that consumes him, in his daily life Ben is tormented by bullies and ignored by apathetic teachers. As the bullies’ relentless attacks push him over the edge and out of control, his on-line dream girl, Scarlite, appears to him and helps him devise a perfect plan to confront the bullies and make them pay for their torment. Director Nic Balthazar’s dazzling debut blends fantasy and harsh social realism. Based on a true story, Balthazar brings us an utterly original and important film.


How will he do it? What role does Scarlite play in Ben’s end game?

Sit back and watch as this story unfold into a stunningly heroic tale! You will not believe the ending. This just isn’t a movie for gamers. The core gravity of this film is that in reality–there may be a little ‘Ben‘ in all of us.

No one ever listens–until somebody dies’

Ben X
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Ben X - 'As an alternative to getting bullied at school, an autistic teenager retreats into the world of online role-playing games.

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