Plunge headlong into the greatest alien mysteries of all time.


History Channel‘s THE BEST OF ANCIENT ALIENS: GREATEST MYSTERIES (2013) is a summary of television’s most thought-provoking program. Eight episodes on two discs will prompt viewers to consider the possible influences of perhaps celestial civilizations has had on Earth’s history. All areas are examined, from the Third Reich’s claims of having superior technology to the unusual structures scattered across the surface of the planet by ancient peoples. It is no wonder why Ancient Aliens has captured the admiration of the public. The show beckons questioning the “what if’s,” to rethink and wonder about history and potentially the future.

The Best of Ancient Aliens is a great collection, in particular for those fascinated by the study of extraterrestrials and the occult. The experts in each episode provide evidence that the Nazis had access to amazing technology and perhaps even contact with extraterrestrials. The technology previous civilizations on earth had access–the angels in the Bible may indeed be visitors from other planets. Ceremonies held around the world–past and present–are believed to allow communication with otherworldly beings.

The series does not overly emphasize the existence of extraterrestrials or the hypothesis they may have influenced life on Earth, it does not diminish the amazing information. These segments challenge the origins of history–Earth’s origin history. The experts demonstrate devotion to further understanding extraordinary things. History Channel consistently airs excellent programming, and Ancient Aliens is of no exception. Fans of any History Channel program for the purpose of personal study should add this “Best Of” series to their library.


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BEST OF ANCIENT ALIENS explores the possibility that advanced technologies enabled ancient humans to construct colossal structures throughout the world.

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