The ULTIMATE fish-out-of-water story.


CBS’ classic sitcom THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES: THE FOURTH SEASON is a trip back in time checking out how The Clampetts, good country folk, were living LARGE in Beverly Hills long before the Fresh Prince of Bel Air became a familiar pop culture TV sensation of California in the 90s. The Clampett family struck it rich, moved out of their one bedroom mountain cabin and   getting into misadventures with their high class neighbors as they continued to adjust to a wealthy lifestyle Beverly Hills. The hilarious Clampett family can still be enjoyed today by any demographic–and is still an addictive television series to watch since since its debut in 1962.THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES THE OFFICIAL FOURTH SEASON

The conflicts the family find themselves is a result of misunderstandings regarding their humble upbringings and traditions. The Clampetts have to deal with incompetent bank robbers–the continued rivalry between Granny and Mrs. Drysdale, and regular tournaments of  Jethro’s failed attempts at independence by pursuing various careers–and romances are some of the undertakings that the viewing audience will appreciate.

Season four presents brilliantly in color. The video and audio quality of the episodes are high with thirty-two episodes spanning four disks. The Beverly Hillbillies is one of the first examples of the “fish out of water” genre and has influence on movies and television shows for decades beyond its television run is evident even in the present day. Despite its age, the program is still fun and humorous to a modern day audience with likable characters and silly scenarios in each episode.

The Beverly Hillbillies – The Official Fourth Season is a television sitcom for everyone. It can be enjoyed by the entire family. This classic package of television history is available exclusively available at WalMart. Specifications: presents in full screen format, Dolby Digital: English Mono and English SDH subtitles. Feature run time totals 13 hours and 31 minutes.

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THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES: THE OFFICIAL FOURTH SEASON where the original Clampett family live among their high brow counterparts and getting into all sorts of confusion and trouble.

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