Big Empty

Big empty” is a son inspired by the American rock band Stone Temple Pilots

Marvel thee, Atlas!
afflicted with the weight
of the world as it rests
upon one shoulder

A pity, Mighty Atlas
where do you forsake
the burden you bear?

I envy thee, Atlas!
we differ in temperament
for thee boasts tenacity
I, remain lamenting
in grief.

Damn thee, Atlas!
for not bearing

where I a fool
for far too long.

Tell me, Mighty Atlas,
where shall I weigh my existence?

Lovers are fools
of selfish grace.
oblivious to the truth
the light bequeaths

for I cast down

or every

for every

for every
woe now
fill the

emptiest spaces.

I too, pity the Lark
with such a melodious
voice, enchants the
falsely enlightened

I also reveled in
the Lark’s deceitful wail

the mermaids’ now
sing my song of sorrow

the tears remaining only
as a remnant


Image provided by Fine Art photographer Aimee Ketsdever
all rights reserved

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