DVD Review: Bobs Burgers: Season One

The Belchers.


Bobs Burgers is an unique and quirky animated television sitcom from the creative mind of Loren Bouchard. The show features the Belcher family who run a hamburger restaurant where the majority their comedic antics unfold. It was renewed for a second season in early April and has been a surprise hit for the network. The show’s actual numbers aren’t comparative of Fox’s other animated mainstays like Family Guy and American Dad, but still, it does well to hold it’s own; Bob’s Burgers was the number one animated premier show of the 2010-2011 season.

When the first show premiered in early January 2012, I had to admit I wasn’t at all impressed. The first show Human Flesh focused on Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and his grand re-re-re-opening on Labor Day weekend, and avoiding a potential health code violation. His youngest daughter Louise (Kristen Schaal) is spreading rumors that her father’s burgers may contain human flesh. What follows thereafter are a series of mis-happenings: Bob’s oldest child and daughter Tina (Dan Mintz), has a rash that she keeps scratching; his son Gene (Eugene Mirman) is trying to give away burger samples he dropped on the ground–and making fart noises with his newly acquired megaphone; and Bob’s wife Linda (John Roberts), was briefly engaged to the health inspector.

Bob welcomes hungry festival goers.

As the season progressed, the show has improved and much of it has to do with the comedy writing and the voice acting talents. Did you know Kristen Schaal is the only true female voice on the show? The animation isn’t anything all impressive–but it isn’t distracting. I truly enjoy watching the family’s antics and I find it unusual that they truly like each other, compared to the other animated series in Fox’s animation line-up (Family Guy, The Simpsons). Despite Bob’s greasy counters, lousy business location (his restaurant is directly across his foodie rival; an Italian restaurant), and occasionally mishandled customer service, Bob is convinced that his burgers speak for themselves.

Come to think of it, FOX is the only channel doing animated television shows. That’s not to say that Bob’s Burgers isn’t immune from the occasionally implied inappropriate language and sexual innuendos, the show simply delivers fresh comedy. It is unfamiliar to inserting the occasional guest star and pop culture references that Fox’s other animated series is famous for. It is filled with entertaining characters, and is a hilarious comedy about an unconventional family that will have you coming back “for seconds.”

Bob’s Burgers Season One DVD includes:

  • Bobs Burger’s Audio Outtakes – starring H. Jon BenjaminKristen Schaal and the rest of the gang go off script and fill you up with hilarious uncensored dialogue!
  • Louise and the Burger Menu (story extension) – which is a very funny piece about how Louise names the “burger of the day” with custom animation and voice over by Kristen Schaal.
  • Bobs Burgers Original Demo with intro by the show creator Loren Bouchard – this is the “studio pitch piece” and Loren’s explanation on the process and changes of the characters and casting.
  • Lifting up the skirt of the Night – is a music video inspired by an original song from the series.
  • Other audio commentaries.

Source: Fox Home Entertainment 

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Bobs Burgers follows a third-generation restaurateur, Bob Belcher and his family.

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