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Ivan Villafuerte CANDELA, all rights reserved

Ivan Villafuerte‘s Candela could be reminiscent of a dream, the cars the embodiment of the owners who abandoned them. See the cars as people who are able to travel freely and dream; area other dreamers are not as fortunate. A beautiful metaphor set to the musical quiet storm set Cloister, by Loscil, a one man band of Scott Morgan. Loscil is the combination of the words “looping oscillator,” a function within the “Csound” music language program. Morgan has been active in the electronic/ambient scene since 1998, releasing seven albums, multiple EPs, and tracks that have been featured on compilation CDs, as well as documentary soundtracks.

Let’s take the music video by Villafuerte, and view the cars and the travelers within them as a metaphor for a dream and the lonely roads represent highways. As nightfall approaches, the world goes to sleep. The cars travel the highway carrying a dreamer to their chosen destination. Just as each car is different, so too, are dreams. The voyage is only as reflective and as different as the subconscious. What of the abandoned and battered cars? Do they represent abandoned dreams–or nightmares? The beauty of the short film Cloister allows the viewer to become mesmerized by the glow of the streetlights as candles are there to light the way of the dreamer. The soft brown hue illuminating the darkness and, with song, sheltering the soul. Therein lies a purpose; to pursue your dreams and quite possibly, elevating your conscious.

Candela could stand as a powerful metaphor for living life and dreaming. A reminder to leave the mind open to allow for creativity; as an encouragement to continue to chase our dreams, and to revel in the power of imagination. For the abandoned, a testament to found silence or as an acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity; or contentment.

Source – Ivan Villafuerte

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Ivan Villafuerte's Candela featuring Loscil's "Cloister."

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