In the magical world of Care-a-Lot, Wonderheart wants to join the Cub Bouts.


care Bears Belly BadgeThis weekend I decided to pop in my review copy of Care Bears’ A Belly Badge for Wonderheart The Movie.  “Wonderheart” is just the right amount of inspiration for anyone who enjoys a little animated gooey sweetness on a Sunday morning with a positive message about responsibility and patience. The Care Bears animated television shows and movies always provide good messages for children about how to be good and productive members of society. In the movie, Wonderheart, the niece of Tenderheart, wants to be a member of the Cub Bouts. She then finds out from twins Hugs, and Tugs that the Cub Bouts is only for young bears who already have their Belly Badges activated.

Wonderheart becomes jealous of the younger bears being able to use their badges and decides to fake her powers via Care ‘n Share Charms. The last wish transports her to the Moody Mountains in the middle of a Stardust Storm. Wonderheart get help from Grams Bear to activate her badge and learns the ways of honesty and caring. The quality of the animation is vividly colorful and extremely addictive to watch. Join in the fun and watch as Wonderheart and her adorable friends do all they can, and prove what it is to be a Care Bear.

A Belly Badge for Wonderheart presents solid storytelling, and enough smiles to brightening up any rainy day.


A Belly Badge for Wonderheart DVD special features include:


•  Can’t Wait to Be the One Music Video
•  Care Hugs Music Video

Both songs feature Wonderbear the adorably cute Care Bear. Can’t Wait to Be the One features Wonderbear’s gaining her powers and show all of her awesome Care-a-Lot her ability. The song Care Hugs features the power of love from Wonderbear’s fellow Care Bears pals and the goodness that can be achieved with a nice big hug.

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Care Bears
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Wonderheart wants to join the Cub Bouts, but it's only for cubs with active Belly Badges.

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