CARE BEARS: THE GREAT GIVING HOLIDAY is not Christmas time in the traditional sense–this one features the beloved Care Bears giving gifts of love and joy to each other on a specific day. “Happy Great Giving Day” is the name, and everything that takes place to celebrating this holiday is very similar to how Christmas is celebrated–baking cookies, exchanging gifts, and the Great Giving Bear, like Santa Claus, delivers gifts to all of Care-a-Lot–the home of the Care Bears. It’s a new yet fun spin on the holidays and will delight any young one and their family.CARE BEARS THE GREAT GIVING HOLIDAY

Join the entire Care Bears gang to celebrate Great Giving Day, a holiday started by the residents of Care-a-Lot showing acts of kindness and giving gifts to one another. Great Giving Bear is in charge of delivering presents to all those who show good manners and caring, and this year Tenderheart will be his assistant. There are just two problems–Beastly wanting to spoil the holiday as he did not receive any gifts last year, and a troublemaking boy who wants to be the head of the “Great Giving Day Pageant” with his own ideas. The Care Bears must team up in order to restore order to their precious holiday.

The “Giving Holiday” DVD is more intriguing than the Belly Badge for Wonderheart DVD perhaps due to its focus on the particular characters development wise, and it is always a good idea to promote a character’s personality. Harmony Bear, the prominent bear in the featured animation, livens up any scene she is present. Take care though, for those sensitive to flashing images and colors there is a lot presented in the animated film do to the story revealing more of the Bear’s special powers. In addition, it should be noted the DVD packaging show a couple of the Bears as members of the cast; however, they are not present in the final animated product. Aside from that, The Great Giving Holiday will entertain and provide the entire family with something pleasant and fun to enjoy for the holiday season.


Tis’ the season to be caring when the all-new CGI holiday special Care Bears: The Great Giving Holiday

•  Bonus Episode: CHERRI-NO!

Cheeri-No is a 22-minute long episode about Harmony wanting the bears to make preparations and assist the baby animals for the arriving hibernation season. Everyone is behind this idea, however they find Harmony to be very bossy in getting them to complete their tasks on time. Cheer finds herself overloaded with trying to finish her chores as well as helping everyone else with theirs.

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Come along to Care-a-Lot and join Great Giving Bear, Harmony and all their cuddly friends in a merry movie adventure filled with holiday hiccups, festival follies, and plenty of Care Bear cheer!

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