DVD Review: Christmas Miracle

Thomas Kinkade Presents CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

A charming family film for the holidays.

American painter Thomas Kinkade presents Christmas Miracle (2012), a heart warming holiday tale about eight strangers who become trapped in church during a snow storm on Christmas Eve. Over the course of the night, they grow closer from the resolution of several personal issues and discover the true meaning of Christmas–unity and love.

Joseph Wells (Dan Payne) and his wife Mary (Allison Hossack) are planning to divorce; Joseph wasn’t always there to help Mary raise their son Matthew (Valin Shinyei), he has a successful business in construction. He and his wife agreed to meet later that evening to spend time with their son, who is unaware of the divorce plans. However, a downed tree blocks off a back road, causing Joseph and several other drivers to become stuck in the middle of a snow storm. An abandoned church is the only refuge close enough for them to inhabit until the morning. The strangers discover how similar they are to each other and realize miracles come in a variety of forms.

Christmas Miracle is a decent holiday themed film. The characters have sufficient background stories which are sympathetic and realistic. For the most part, Christmas Miracle is a good family film that is recommended for the holidays.

Special features of Christmas Miracle include:

  • The Magic Behind Christmas Miracle
  • Deleted scenes
  • Various print sizes and frames available for Kinkade’s painting Christmas Miracle

Enclosed in the DVD packaging is a lovely Certificate of Authenticity featuring Kinkade’s painting Christmas Miracle in postcard format. The painting impressively contains the characters from the film in detail. The Magic Behind Christmas Miracle is a featurette of director Terry Ingram describing the basis for the film, while the actors and actresses expressed appreciation for being involved with the film.

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Christmas Miracle
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Review Summary:

A group of strangers are forced to seek refuge in an abandoned church after a major snow storm hits. Over the course of the evening these strangers rely on one another to make do during these very difficult times.

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