Sean Robert Olson‘s THE CONTRACTOR stars none other than MACHETE KILLS Danny Trejo in a role he is all too familiar in–kicking ass, repeatedly. This time, he plays the stalker-slash-home repairman to an upper-class family. Unfortunate for them, their hired contractor has a score to settle. The acting seemed somewhat forced so be prepared for yet another advantageous and campy predictability so much so that I just could not get into this flick. It is hard to watch Trejo play the sentimental handy-man. I am sure there is a law somewhere that forbids him to even appear “soft” at any moment on camera. I may have to look that one up.

The Chases are a model family living the American dream–a nice house that sit on prime real estate, nice car and neighborhood. The husband Paul (Brad Rowe) and his wife Elizabeth (Christina Cox) want to remodel their home in a fast and efficient manner in time for a charity event to be hosted at their home. They hire Javier (Trejo), who at first seemed to be a very charming and concerned contractor who assures the Chases’ that he is the man for the job. However, Javier has hidden intentions and has malicious plans for the family, and it was not long before all hell broke loose.

Let me spare a long, drawn out explanation: it is a revenge flick. Although the cinematic presentation of the film is decent, I just could not get past the slow-pace fight choreography. Trejo seems to show his age in this one–though he still makes an intimidating on-screen presence. The campy acting performances are typically what get in these types of films. Aside from Trejo, actors Rowe and Cox performances were not impressive, and that is too bad. I was looking forward to the hardcore action that is usually the hallmark of any Trejo film. The Contractor is not too bad of a film and not too good of a film either.

It will do.

Sean Olsen’s The Contractor DVD includes several special features. The behind the scenes interview segment with Danny Trejo and cast is under two minutes and does not go into any details on what it was like on set.The minimum that is discussed comes from Trejo and Chase. The DVD also features an images stills gallery as a slideshow of images of the cast and crew. The DVD presents in widescreen presentation. English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound and English 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio. Including Spanish subtitles. 

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A couple hires a contractor to help with remodeling their home. However, they grow suspicious and learns that he'd targeted the family all along.

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