DVD Review: Power Rangers Samurai: The Sixth Ranger – Vol. 4

The debut of the Gold Ranger!


When the Power Rangers came back on the air I was elated. Now, I have the opportunity to collect each episode on DVD. As with any show that is cool and awesome–it’s only televised for a limited amount of time. Especially shows like the Power Rangers. In this Vol. 4 of Saban’s Power Rangers Samurai: The Sixth Ranger, the Gold Ranger makes his debut for the first time. Antonio Garcia (Steven Skyler) is the “Ranger Light,” the Gold Samurai Power Ranger, the sixth Power Ranger. His special power–he can control the elements of light.

A mysterious fisherman arrives, and the Power Rangers meet their newest ally in the Gold Ranger. However, he must prove that he possesses the true spirit of the samurai and not a moment too soon! The Nighlok monsters are more powerful under the influence of Master Xandred–he sends Steeleto to attack the Rangers. Jayden (Alex Heartman), Kevin (Najee De-Tiege), Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle), Mia (Erika Fong) and Mike (Hector David, Jr.) are ready to meet the challenge. With the help of the Gold Ranger proving to the other Power Rangers that he can be a samurai with his lightening-fast Barracuda Blade.

Their adventures are spread out over four action packed episodes:

  • Unexpected Arrival
  • Room for one more
  • The Blue and the Gold, and
  • Team Spirit


The overall acting of the Rangers is questionable. However, fans will focus more on the exciting series and the fantastic entertainment featured in each episode. In addition, the DVD is also comprised of three special features, the “Bloopers” featurette, the “Ask a ranger” featurette and the “Train Like a Ranger” video.


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Review Summary:

The Gold Ranger makes his debut for the first time on DVD. Power Rangers: Samurai The 6th Ranger - Vol. 4 features 4 action packed episodes and two featurettes.

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