Journey beyond the rolling green hills of Lalaloopsy Land!


For the love of all things pink–islands that float on top of a creamy strawberry milk river, mushroom trees, cookies and cupcake parties, the Lalaoopsy Princess Ballerina dolls reside on a delectable island paradise. Their neighbors are mermaids that live in the “strawberry milk” river and the various “cute” pets wildlife each of the buttoned-eyed princesses care for. One day, all of the “loopsy” princesses were invited to an adorable tea party however there is trouble–a princess accidentally drop her sugar cubes in the strawberry river. In addition, the strawberry river stops flowing its milky goodness–it is the strawberry milk which powers Lalaoopsie Land. Now the princesses, fairies and mermaids must work together to retrieve the sugar cubes, and save their island homes.

I am not a fan of cut-out doll animation sashaying around a Pepto Bismol “pink” environment with their long legs, button eyes and mushroom pets. However, there is something adorably “cute” about how these dolls are re-imagined as mermaids, fairies and dolls–all of whom look too much alike if it weren’t for the retina singeing color of their clothes which can be a little overwhelming if hot pinks, purples and yellows are not your premiere colors.

All told, this DVD is nothing more than a blatant commercial advertisement for the dolls. Granted, each of the magical loopsie dolls have their own distinct personalities with a knack for kiddie drama. Obviously losing a few sugar cubes is a major letdown in this “loopsy ridiculous” world.

Too cute for comfort.

DVD special features include two bonus Lalaloopsy mini adventures “Too Close for Comfort,” and “A Ruff Rescue.” DVD format 16×9 Widescreen presentation (1.78:1). Close Captioned in English. DVD 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio. Total feature run time 44 minutes.

Art and supplementary material courtesy ©2013 of MGA Entertainment. All rights reserved. LALALOOPSY TM and all related logos, names, characters, distinctive likenesses and slogans are the exclusive property of MGA.

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Journey beyond the rolling green hills of Lalaloopsy Land to a magical place never seen before where you'll meet the Lala-Oopsies!

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