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LOVE NOTES, LIFETIMEDavid Weaver‘s Love Notes (2007) is a cross-cultural made for TV love story with a generous amount of warmth courtesy of  LifetimeNora Flannery (Laura Leighton) is a classical music critic living a great life. One evening, she is sent to review a country music concert headed by Jamie Derrienger (Antonio Cupo), a young superstar in the world of music. Opposites attract and this difference between them led to a one night stand. As a result, Nora became pregnant and due to memories of growing up in a single parent home, she is worried that she isn’t able to care for a child on her own. She then decides to let her best friend Claire (Ellie Harvie) and her husband raise the child. However, Claire’s husband leaves in the middle of Nora’s pregnancy–Nora decides to track down the baby’s father, Jamie, not for the purposes of making a two parent family–but to get him to sign a paternity release so she can give the child up for adoption.

The film contains some unique twists in the eventual love story between Nora and Jamie. It successfully reveals the past lives of both main characters creating depth. The overall relationship between the characters themselves is a bit difficult to follow. Nora’s friend Claire is very supportive of Nora and her situation, which is pleasant to note. Love Notes isn’t without predictability and much of the story overall is cliched, but it does not distract from the genuineness of the story.

Unfortunately, this made for cable TV movie DVD does not contain any special features; however, the film quality transfer to DVD is sufficient. 

Director: David Weaver
Rachel Feldman
Laura Leighton (TV’s Melrose Place and Pretty Little Liars), Antonio Cupo (Bomb Girls, Hollywood Files, Elegy), and Ellie Harvie (The Cabin in the Woods).

Source Lifetime

Love Notes
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Follows the relationship between a classical music critic and a country music star after a one night stand, which results in an unplanned pregnancy.

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