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CBS‘ MATLOCK is one of television’s most beloved legal dramas that stars Andy Griffith. Griffith’s character is the extremely creative and well composed defense attorney Ben Matlock. Aside from charging $100,000 per client, Matlock is both serious in the courtroom and demonstrates necessary comic relief among his colleagues and friends. The iconic television series span over nine seasons (1986 to 1995) and is still as entertaining as ever to new viewers and those who are fans of the courtroom and legal dramas.

Matlock, a gentle country defense attorney renowned for his legal prowess, tackles his cases with much energy and excitement–he always finds the truth in his cases and protect his wide variety of clients from false charges by revealing the real perpetrators. Fellow investigators Cliff Lewis (Daniel Roebuck) and Jerri Stone (Carol Huston) are also there to assist him with gathering evidence and providing both drama and intriguing dialogue in each hour long episode.

Fans will love every episode on this newly remastered 5-disc collection. Season 9 contains a total of 15-episodes filled with suspense, twists and turns, and canny moments. Matlock uncovers the truth behind plots of revenge or the specifics behind the loss of a friend. The courtroom scenes and other key locations are picturesque and facilitates the dramatic and captivating story-line. Overall, Matlock gifts fans with intriguing court room drama without having to serve jury duty.

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The 5-disc Ninth and Final Season of MATLOCK includes:

•  15 episodic episodes.

The DVD does not contain any additional or notable special features. Presents in full-screen format, English stereo and English SDH subtitles. Approx run-tim of 832 minutes.

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MATLOCK is a legal drama series starring Andy Griffith as defense attorney Ben Matlock, a Harvard-educated, fiery southerner who defend his clients.

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