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I have never heard of the WotWots before my review copy of Meet the WotWots zoo adventures DVD. When looking at them, they kinda remind me of hairless Fraggle characters. These pink and blue Fraggle’esq WotWots are 3D animated is a preschool character series from New Zealand, and made at the acclaimed Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings) and slowly making their presence known around the world. SpottyWot and DottyWot are alien siblings who came from outer space in their “steam powered” spaceship and lands in a zoo. wotwots

The focus of the WotWots show is to encourage its young viewer to be inquisitive about the world around them. To go out and explore a variety of interests, stir their imaginations and learn about friendship and working together.  The combination of the animated characters SpottyWot and DottyWot alongside the live animal footage is not distracting. Again reminding me of Uncle Traveling Matt‘s puppet character adventuring into “outer space” and interacting with real people and backdrops. The WotWots siblings adventures at a zoo and with a uniquely engaging dialogue and thorough exploration in learning about Earths animals through playful interactions and observations.

The series is by Pukeko Pictures. The DVD features 10 inquisitive episodes* featuring the irresistibly curious alien siblings. The pair marvel at the diversity of animal life in each enchanting episode, capturing the “thrill of exploration and the joy of discovery.” The single disc presents in widescreen presentation, in English 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio. The animation featured alongside the “live action” is comparatively decent. I did not expect any glorious special effects. The series is just easily enjoyable and attention grabbing for young viewers.


*Episodes include “Scary Sucky Noise – Elephant,” “Fruity Loopies – Giraffe,” “Lanky Landing Legs- Giraffe,” “Spot a DottyWot – Lion,” “Stripe a Lotty Wotty – Zebra,” “Plodda Lotty – Tortoise,” “Drowsy DottyWot – Pelican,” “Top and Tail – Spider Monkey,” “Fluffy Puffies – Polar Bear” and “Coughy Wot – Seal.”

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Meet SpottyWot and DottyWot as these two alien siblings explore an incredible planet called "Earth!"

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