Nickelodeon‘s Nicky Deuce is an impressive family friendly comedy about a teenage boy’s adventures in Brooklyn. Based on the novel of the same name* co-written by Sopranos star Steve Schirripa, who also stars as Nicky’s uncle in the film. There are appearances by other HBO Sopranos cast members, including the late James Gandolfini. Since it is a children’s film, the violent, criminal aspects of the Soprano’s world does not exist in this production. Nicky Deuce is an entertaining kid mafioso “spoof.” NICKY DEUCE

Nicholas Borelli II (Noah Munck) lives a mundane life in the suburbs. Every event in his life is predictable and bland, right down to his mother Barbara’s (Andrea Frankle) cooking. When his parents fly to Papua New Guinea for a business trip, Nicholas has to go to math camp. When an unexpected accident occurs with the camp’s plumbing system, he has to go and live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and live with an Italian family he never knew he had; Tutti (Rita Moreno), his grandmother, and Uncle Frankie (Schirripa). The suburban life he once knew changes when he finds new friends and learns the mystery behind his uncle’s suspicious social circle.

The only negative aspect about the feature I did not like is that it recycles stereotypes about Italian-Americans and the Mafia. However, Nicky Deuce is still a fun film. Moreno and Schirripa’s characters performances are the highlight of the film, and Nicky’s new friends–Donna (Cristine Prosperi) and Tommy (Cassius Creightney) proves to be great supporting characters especially in the aspect of comedic relief and guidance. The stars from the HBO series Sopranos portrays reprise their intimidating character roles in a child friendly–often hilarious moments.

The production quality deserves praise–filming took place in Montreal, Canada instead of Bensonhurst, located in the United States. Overall, the film promotes a positive message about family, togetherness, acknowledging and appreciating family heritage and history.


* Nickelodeon’s Nicky Deuce is based on a the book Nicky Deuce: Welcome To The Family by Steven Schirripa and Charles Fleming.

Nicky Deuce special features includes:

•  Interview with Noah Munck

•  On the Set

•  Cristine Prosperi‘s Photoshoot

The special features on the DVD are basic and brief. Noah Munck is shown giving his take on his character and working with some of the other stars. On the set doesn’t really explore what’s behind the scenes, but instead shows some of the cast members in between filming. The photo-shoot segment only shows Prosperi taking promotional photographs for Nicky Deuce and joking around a bit with co-star Munck.

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Nicky Deuce
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A sheltered suburban teen, has the adventure of a lifetime when his plans for math camp take a sudden turn. Instead, he is forced to spend his summer in Brooklyn, New York, with the family he never knew he had

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