DVD Review: Power Rangers Samurai – Rise of the Bullzooka

Saban Brands’ Power Rangers Samurai: Rise of the Bullzooka is full of action and hilarious moments of the team facing Nighlok with a taste for strange weaponry, including dirt that induces extreme hunger and fear causing soot. There is also friendly interaction between Mia/the Pink Ranger (Erika Fong) and Spike (Felix Ryan), in which she consoles him during his job search. Fans of the Gold Ranger/Antonio (Steven Skyler) will be pleased with the amount of time he is present on screen and is never left out of the action during the duration of Rise of the Bullzooka. If a more laid-back pace with humor and friendly interaction is more your style outside of the serious episodes, Rise of the Bullzooka is another Rangers must have DVD.

Join the Power Rangers as they go head to head against menacing Nighlok monsters, while also harnessing the mighty new Bullzooka weapon in these four Super Samurai adventures bursting with supercharged action. When evil Serrator unveils his mysterious master plan to enslave Earth, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily and Mike must focus on the power of Ranger teamwork in order to triumph against Serrator’s Mooger and Spitfang army. Whether it’s battling against a duplicating Nighlok, Kevin and Mike getting stuck together with a sticky glue glob or overcoming an intense hunger toxin, the Samurai will leave you wanting more!

 This DVD contains four episodes, and the special abilities of the chosen Nighlok involve duplication to confuse the Rangers and a special form of dirt that upon contact, causes the target to eat until they explode. There is also a plot involving binding glue that affects Kevin/the Blue Ranger (Najee De-Tiege) and Mike/the Green Ranger (Hector David Jr.) and forces them to work together instead of competing against each other. “Trust Me” introduces the Bullzooka, a new weapon for the Red Ranger similar to a bazooka, and its advanced versions: the Super Bullzooka and the Shogun Spear. Rise of the Bullzooka features heavy use of the Megazords, so there is quite a bit of action.

The special features for Rise of the Bullzooka include:

  • Behind the Scenes of Power Rangers Super Samurai
  • “Power Rangers MEGA Flash Mob” video
  • Weapons Gallery
  • English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
  • Spanish and French 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio

The most interesting feature of the DVD is easily the Weapons Gallery, which explains the different weapons used in the series and their purpose with the aid of pictures. The gallery also displays the power discs and their abilities, as well as who they are assigned to. The Megazords are the last option within the gallery. This feature is recommended for exploration for newcomers to the series and/or fans who want to brush up on their Power Rangers Samurai knowledge.

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Power Rangers Samurai Rise of the Bullzooka
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Review Summary:

Join the Power Rangers as they go head to head against menacing Nighlok monsters, while also harnessing the mighty new Bullzooka weapon !

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