DVD Review: Season One of ANNOYING ORANGE

Again, ANNOYING in every fruity perspective.


Season One of Cartoon Network ANNOYING ORANGE seems to be doing very well despite being one of the most annoying shows on television. However, this show’s popularity may be confusing for some, and it doesn’t matter how terrible the show is–it secured a regular time slot on Cartoon Network. This obnoxious anthropomorphic pop culture obsession began on Youtube in 2009 and has since amassed a dedicated following. In regards to Transmedia, the show extends it popularity to new media as a video games. It seems that this is one fruit sensation that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Voiced by the show’s creator Dane Boedigheimer, Orange and his friends which consists of a Pear, a Passion Fruit, an apple and a marshmallow. There is an array of other “talkative” fruits in addition to the only human on the show Nerville (Toby Turner), joins Orange and his friends as they travel in a magical fruit cart through time and space to participate in wacky adventures. The new 4-disc DVD collection chronicles the entire first season in a very creative collection. This is not to say I overall enjoyed each episode, but to give credit where it is due–the show sets out to be exactly what creator Dane Boedigheimer set out for it to be–extremely annoying. Funny? Indeed, a funny show. Perhaps so bad it’s good even. Considering that the show’s dedicated viewers must have a HIGH TOLERANCE for the obnoxious fruit.

Overall, the DVD collection is well put together and highly hilarious for the teen demographic. I do suggest, however the show is not for younger audiences due to the subliminally “adult” style dialogue. There are a few interestingly hilarious special features worth checking out.

It’s the pop culture obsession that you absolutely love to hate. 

Annoying Orange: Season One 4-Disc DVD collection includes:


•  4 attractively covered discs that includes the very hilariously interesting bonus features disc.

•  Annoying Orange Exposed

•  Creative behind-the-“seeds” featurette

•  The Annoying Orange Sizzle Peel

•  Episode 6 “Fruit-Vengers” storyboard animatic

•  The Very 1st Annoying Orange Webisode. The “webisode” that started it all.

A total of 30 episodes from season one!

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Review Summary:

Season One of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange follows YouTube sensation Annoying Orange along with his band of produce buddies as they navigate the time-space continuum in their magical fruit cart.

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