There’s only one cat I know who dreams of pizza!


The Garfield Show: Pizza Dreams DVD features 6-episodes of everyone’s favorite chubby orange tabby’s adventures in his quest for food–most notably–pizza and lasagna. The Garfield Show is always been a terrific program. Audiences appreciate Garfield’s insatiable love of good food and Garfield’s willingness to do anything to get it in this jam-packed delicious collection of episodes! Join Garfield as he experiences a hysterical variety of situations about his favorite topic–food! Jon attempts to put his furry friend on a diet in one episode, and Garfield believes that he has been turned into a dog in another.


All of the episodes on the DVD are entertaining, but I have to note my favorite episode, the “Great Pizza Race.” Jon instructs Garfield to order from only one restaurant for the evening. Garfield, just being himself, can’t eat just one meal. Hilarity ensues when Vito is seen repeatedly trying to deliver pizzas to the Arbuckle residence before the twenty minute time limit is up that would grant Garfield a free pizza. Many of the episodes explored Garfield’s relationship with his favorite chef, Vito. A rare opportunity to delve into the different aspects of his character’s personal cartoon life.

A feast for the eyes, the animated quality of the episodes remain visually consistent in addition, to the educational value each episode provides. A humorous explanation of Issac Newton’s discovery of gravity is exciting to watch including 6-additional cartoon shorts encourages viewers to develop healthy eating habits, provide caution on how to read the labels on food and other household items, get in shape by exercising daily, and tips for properly caring for pets.

Another must have DVD for fans of animation and fans of the many Garfield adventures.

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Join Garfield in this Pizza-fabulous collection of food favorites! Nothing is more special than a pizza feast for Garfield, but his appetite will be put to the test as he goes on a diet.

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