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Craig ViveirosThe Liability is a suspenseful crime drama that contains plenty of action, but suffers due to a lack of consistency. It tries to combine action with romance and humor and it winds up being muddled. The acting performances and the film settings in The Liability are its biggest highlights. If the films’ concept as a whole refined, then this would be an awesome flick.

Adam (Jack O’ Connell) is a spoiled 19-year-old who wrecked his stepfather Peter’s (Peter Mullan) luxury vehicle. Tired of his antics, Peter assigns him to a job as a driver for a friend of his known only as Roy (Tim Roth). Adam’s life takes a drastic turn for the worse–all within a span of 24 hours.

The chemistry between O’ Connell and Roth is the best part of The Liability. The experience between their two characters are noticeably different–the inexperienced young man who wants a bit of action in his life, and the hit-man who has been doing his job for a number of years and wants to retire. O’ Connell’s character Adam is both refreshing and odd at the same time due to his upbeat demeanor. Roth’s performance as Roy was that of an intimidating yet collected hit-man was well-done and easily the best character in the film.

The film just feels rushed overall and tries to throw in a romantic angle via Talulah Riley‘s un-named “girl” character. Riley stars as a Latvian woman seeking vengeance for her trafficked sister. Her performance appeared out of nowhere, and her purposed involvement in the film seems rushed and underdeveloped. However, props for the intense and shocking action scenes.

Overall, this isn’t too bad a film. Just disappointing to say the least.

Special features for The Liability include:

  • Making The Liability with cast and crew interviews
  • Trailer Gallery
  • Widescreen Presentation
  • English 3.1 Dolby Digital Audio
  • Optional English and Spanish Subtitles

The making of featurette goes behind the scenes to reveal the opinions of the cast and crew regarding working on The Liability and their perspectives on their characters.

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The Liability
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THE LIABILITY is a suspenseful story about a young man whose life is dramatically changed when he becomes the target of a hit man.

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