Alex Bohs’ FINDING FRANKLIN (2013) – Review

FINDING FRANKLIN Alex BohsThere may be one time or another where you allow yourself a moment of quiet to reflect on what we are most thankful for–our families and children, our jobs and being able to make a living doing something we love to do. Maybe it is a postcard or picture that triggers a memory good or bad of a cherished lover that you may have kept secret from your husband or wife or current partner. Intimate secrets you keep to yourself for your enjoyment–or prayer. Whenever I have a moment for reflection, I often refer to works from artists that offer guidance and humility. Writer-director Alex Bohs is an incredible, multifaceted talent and I often wait for word from him about his next projects because I know that whatever he develops won’t be disappointing. His work is always endearing, always heartwarming and always undoubtedly human.

Alex’s Finding Franklin is a compelling short story, inspired by his Great-Grandmother Violet Foster. As always, his films take viewers on an intimate visual journey that feature strong silent performances from great actors and actresses, all of whom seem to effortlessly carry the director’s emotionally poignant and invaluable message across. The actors are experts in translating body language and emotions as unspoken dialogue, and when paired with every single frame of brilliant cinematography, what you see is an affecting composition of the environment, location, and personable humanity often lost in many of today’s abstract melodrama’s that often blisters out of Hollywood.

Finding Franklin revealed through the actions of Violet Foster (actress Chloe Godard) silently grieving as she gathers her deceased grandfather’s memorabilia. She finds a smaller box of her grandfather’s, teeming with old pictures, and notices a postcard from “Franklin.” We learn through nostalgic flashback how important Franklin was to her grandfather to the New Year’s tune of Auld Lang Syne. While the theme permeates the happy atmosphere, two people fall in love.

So remember this for the next time you see someone sitting or standing and staring off into the distance with their eyes glazed over and perhaps anchored by a particular moment in time. Or maybe fixed fast to a memory of a loved one lost to long years. It only takes a moment, in memory, to relive an entire lifetime.

Thank you, Alex, for another poignant lesson in humility.

Highly recommended.

© 2013 OFFICIAL SELECTION:  NFFTY 2013 (Seattle, WA) CineYouth 2013 (Chicago, IL) MoFest!7 LGBT Film Festival (Modesto, CA) 2013 Boston LGBT Film Festival (Boston, MA) Indianapolis International Film Festival (Indianapolis, IN) 49th Annual Chicago International Film Festival (Chicago, IL) 23rd Annual Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) Frameline37: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (San Francisco, CA).

Staff Pick (Vimeo)
Jury Award: “Best Short” (NFFTY 2013)
Veteran Award (CineYouth 2013)


Chloe Godard – Violet Foster
Chloe Howcroft – Velma Foster
Jake Cohen – Eugene Foster (1962)
Adam Fane – Franklin Volance (1962)
Paul Russell – Franklin Volance (2012)

Written, Directed & Edited by  Alex Bohs
Cinematography by:  Dustin Supencheck
Production Design by  Amanda Brinton
Produced by:  Arabella Anderson
Music by: Foreign Fields & Gabriel Dib

Art and supplementary materials courtesy ©2013 of Alex Bohs. All rights reserved. For more, please follow the blue “more details” button link to Alex’s “Finding Franklin” website. 

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Review Summary:

A generational short film centered around family, nostalgia, and the things we leave behind.

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