FOCUS by Ari Kruger

Focus, a short film by Ari Kruger, depicts how creatively careless we all are in love. Thoughts and desires that are internally driven – an inner “hide and go seek” drama that is easily recognizable. See, we seem to have all played the same persistent, fault finding thoughts at one time or another. But what, exactly, is it about relationships that we continually find–are we, in turn, searching for that something that reminds us of ourselves?  Forever to remain on the look out. Forever searching. Continually affording ourselves – our own vulnerability to disappointment. Love, is fleeting, and love, is truly blinding.

Focus is a beautiful cinematic short film that highlights the different shades of black and white, enveloping into gray.  Each frame captures the poetry of this relationship, beginning and ending, in a symphony of melancholies.

Enjoy Focus, a 2011 Tropfest Finalist, by Ari Kruger.


Star(s):  Clyde Berning & Abigail Parker
Cinematography: Gavin Goodman
Art Director: Rebecca Brett
Music: Rus Nerwich

Image credit: Ari Kruger

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'Focus'--You tell her you love her. And she loves you. Things have never felt better. But one day, you notice something about her you.

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