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In 1983, Jim Henson‘s Fraggle Rock debuted and is one of the first children’s television shows to deal with complex social issues such as religion, prejudice, individuality and the environment. Now, this imaginative series has made its triumphant return to television with recurring episodes on The Hub. The Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary Collection encompasses 30 years of music, magic and mayhem. This collection is the perfect introduction to the underground world and its inhabitants of Fraggle Rock. 

Behind the baseboard of the charismatic Inventor “Doc” (Gerard Parkes) and his shaggy dog “Sprocket,” there is a world populated with Fraggles, Doozers and giant Gorgs. Doc (Parkes) was oblivious to the world beyond the wall; however, his dog Sprocket tried to divert his attention to the goings on beyond the wall. Gobo Fraggle is an explorer, kind and a good leader. He often reads postcards from his Uncle Traveling Matt, who ventured beyond the baseboard of Doc’s workshop to explore “outer space.” Uncle Matt sent postcards to Gobo detailing his many adventures. Wembly, Mokey, Red and Boober Fraggle often joined Gobo for song and misadventures while learning about the world surrounding them.

This amazing collection includes every single episode of Fraggle Rock, including behind the scenes interviews discovered in the Jim Henson Company archives, an adorable “Red” Fraggle plush keychain, and an engaging and very colorful graphic novel.  Also included is a parent-friendly activity guide to help immerse kids in the world of the Fraggles, teaching kids to work together to achieve common goals. The 30th Anniversary (21 piece)  collection includes:

  • Fraggle Rock: The Complete First through Forth Season DVD(s)
  • 2 “bonus material” DVD(s)
  • The “complete” 13-episode animated series
  • Red Fraggle plush keychain
  • The “Fraggle Rock” graphic novel.
  • Parent activity guide, and
  • An awesome box to keep it all in


Aside from the brilliant shows encompassing unlimited hours of watching and re-watching episodes–also to be released separately, that is not part of the collection is the “Meet the Fraggles” DVD; however the six episodes are included in the 30th Anniversary collection:

  • Beginnings” – meet all the Fraggles and see the beginning of Uncle Traveling Matt’s adventures into “Outer Space.”
  • We Love You Wembley” – Wembley get hold of a love potion that enamors the Fraggles and Gorg’s alike.
  • Boober’s Dream” –  Boober and his repressed “imaginary” friend Mr. Sidebottom dreams are “shared” with his friends.
  • Red’s Club” – Red wants to be leader of her own club which excludes everyone except for her adorable Doozer friend “Cotterpin.”
  • Mokey and the Minstrels” – Traveling minstrels visits and Mokey decides she want’s to be a Minstrel, too.
  • Gobo’s Discovery” – a description best left for you to “discover” on your own.


If there is ever an opportunity to experience nostalgic moments of television, then this is it. My first year of grade school was mostly about getting over the uneasy feeling of being in a strange place surrounded by other kids my age. Many of the kids were yelling, a few still crying for their mothers and others were just like me, sitting at a tiny desk assigned to me. The clamoring ended at the precise moment when the teacher turned on the small television to a local PBS station to an episode of Sesame Street. Big Bird was teaching a massive shaggy dog named Barkley new tricks. The teacher returned to speak with a few concerned parents while myself, and the class gathered in front of the small screen.

It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Highly recommended.

Fraggle Rock © 1983 – 1987  Jim Henson Company. Artwork & Supplementary Materials courtesy © 2013 Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary Collection
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30th Anniversary of FRAGGLE ROCK and 'Meet the Fraggles' include the pilot and five additional episodes highlighting each of the beloved main characters.

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