Game Of Thrones: THE BEER Take the Black Stout

Take the Black STOUT  June 12 2103
Take the Black STOUT June 12 2103

Clubbers? Night gathers? Fans? Thirsty for the highly-anticipated SECOND Game of Thrones beer TAKE THE BLACK. A new stout, which boasts a 7% ABV, is inspired by George R. R. Martin‘s THE NIGHTS WATCH, feature in the book series A GAME OF THRONES and in the insatiably addictive HBO series GAME OF THRONES.

TAKE THE BLACK features unique label art–the sacred Weirwood tree where those who worship the old gods much like the Weirwood tree Jon Snow took the Night’s Watch oath. Now, there will also be a beer accompaniment for those of whom watch the HBO series. The bottle’s original design created by a52, the same studio that created the title design for the HBO series opening credits.

The Take the Black Stout follows the wildly successful Iron Throne Ale where shops across the country SOLD OUT it’s stock in days while bars poured through all it’s kegs–in hours. 

So who’s thirsty? I wonder if there will be “review” worthy samples, as well.

Art and supplementary material courtesy ©2013 of Ommegang Brewery. All rights reserved.

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