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The Garfield Show

Spring into a good time!

Garfield is back for all-new exciting adventures in The Garfield Show: Spring Fun Collection. Just in time for Easter, the brilliantly animated collection include 6 fun-filled spring themed adventures. Garfield and Odie invite you to join him in his spring escapades. Garfield takes you and his friends outside to embark on comically miscellaneous adventures. Garfield almost get thrown out of the house when Jon becomes allergic to cats in The Big Sneeze. Garfield, Jon, and Odie take a trip to the farm to visit Jon’s brother in Farm Fresh Feline. Though reluctant, Garfield eventually results to his usual self and joins in on the daily raising of his farm animal friends. There isn’t a dull moment when our favorite orange cat, Garfield  is in on the fun. In The Bluebird of Happiness Garfield saves a baby blue bird from a very hungry cat and almost gets caught by a dogcatcher!


There is never a dull moment when Garfield is around and the remaining three episodes: Stealing Home, The Mole Express, and Parrot Blues just make the DVD–in addition to three featured shorts: Play More encourages you to get outside and enjoy nature. In Take Your Dog Out the title of the short says what it means! Don’t forget to take your dog out for a walk at least three times a day. Not only is walking and playing outside is fun for you–it is also fun for your pets too! Always protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays in Sun Protection, and always remember to Look Out For Others who may need your help. Garfield reminds kids that we were all small versions of ourselves once, and we had people who were bigger to help, so it is also fun and helpful to do the same! Finally, in Music Everywhere music doesn’t always come from you iPods or CD players–music is everywhere in nature, as well. Remember to keep your music levels down so that everyone can enjoy.

In this highly recommended DVD collection, Garfield will continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Celebrate this spring season with everyone’s favorite feline.

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Garfield, Spring Fun Collection Show
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Join Garfield and his friends on all-new exciting adventures.

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