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Richard E. Robbins‘s GIRL RISING (2013) features stories about girls from developing nations around the world narrated by famous female stars such as Alicia Keys, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. In addition to animated sequences and brilliant cinematography of the girl’s home environment, struggles and successes. The message of the documentary is evident: the importance of cross-cultural education and empowerment. Since more than half of the world population consists of the feminine gender–there is a particular necessity for girls and women be educated.
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The real stories were present as re-enactments. The statistical facts and figures pertaining to the immense challenges the young women are up against facilitates the poignancy of their stories of poverty, indentured servitude, and child marriage. The stories are both movie and powerful. From within hardship there lies the potential for growth and prosperity regardless of geographical location and racial background. The superior gains made by educating these women and girls goes far beyond their individualized growth possibilities–but as a global opportunity for everyone regardless of experience.

The sociocultural benefits are made by providing educational opportunities to girls and women globally goes far beyond economic growth, and as this message continues to spread to others, the dream of a flourishing and phosphorus world is closer to being realized–for everyone.


Special features for GIRL RISING (2013) include:


•  Director’s Welcome
•  Outtakes
•  Behind the Scenes
•  On Location

Robbins reveals the motivation behind the film that stemmed from research on how to end global poverty back in 2007. During the study, the benefits of educating women in the developing world were discovered and were integrated with the original purpose. Behind the scenes, outtakes, and on location are compiled into the same featurette and introduces the viewers to the some of the girls, their current activities and interests, and members of their family. A promotion for the film website is displayed to give viewers ideas on ways they can contribute to the movement.

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Celebrate the potential of girls and the power of education.

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