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GRIMM -- "Cat and Mouse" Episode 118 -- Pictured: Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Spoilers! GRIMM, oh GRIMM, why are you so awesome! It seems that Nick (David Giuntoli) has finally hit his stride with being a ‘Grimm of all trades!’ The romance between Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) deepens–Monroe got a little jealous when Rosalee’s old Fuchsbau boyfriend, Ian (Neil Hopkins), showed up wounded on her doorstep. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) was visited by a bounty hunter–a Verrat and frankly, all hell’s fixing to break loose in ole Portland! Hank (Russell Hornsby) discussing his breakup with Adalind to Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). Oh and farewell Juliette–this was the only time we will see her in this episode.

Of course, before I get into last night’s episode, I like to discuss the Brother’s Grimm story that inspired it. For those of you who can’t wait, please scroll down to the section Damn, we’re in a tight spot, and read till your heart’s content. Remember, you can always visit NBC  to watch the latest episode.

Knight In Shining Armor

“Perhaps some accident has befallen him,” said the King, and the next day he sent out two more huntsman who were to search for him but they too stayed away.”

This episode referenced the 1857 tale Iron Hans (Der Eisenhans) where a King owned the nearby forest where his castle is parked. The King sent out one of his skilled huntsman to shoot a deer but the huntsman never returned. Concerned for the missing huntsman, the King sent out two more huntsmen and they too, never returned. The King never again allowed anyone into the perilous forest and no one dared to explore it for many years.

One day, an unknown huntsman looking to find position with the King requested to enter the forest and find the King’s men. The King resisted the man’s request, but the huntsman insisted. His request was granted and he headed out into the dangerous woods. Soon after they entered the forest, his hound caught a scent which led him to a dark pond. A human hand surfaces and dragged the hound into the water.

After a lot of back and forth that involved a knight, golden apples, a prince, and a princess, Iron Hans wound up being a King with untold riches and everyone lived happily ever after. Pretty awesome tale if you care to read it through. Now the way the tale of Iron Hans figured into last night’s episode is a little complicated. Unless we are viewing it from the aspect of the bounty hunter–a Verrat huntsman sent to kill Ian. Oh yeah, it’s getting gangster on Grimm, you follow me?

Damn, we’re in a tight spot!

GRIMM -- "Cat and Mouse" Episode 118 -- Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

I am totally digging that Nick is working the Grimm aspect of his talents. He was busy journaling his encounters thus far–but nothing will prepare him for what’s to come. Renard is closer to whatever he is planning. Definitively, we know he is royalty of some sort but what is he? Why can’t Nick see it? I’m still hoping he has wings–or can go super sayain or something like it. Anyway, back to the review.

We find out that there is a Wesen Resistance and Ian Harmon (Hopkins) is their leader. It seems that there is an unseen war going on and the 7 Royal Houses, or the 7 Royal Families are deeply tied within it. The show discussed secret societies and assassins who are out to kill Ian and squash the Laufer (Resistance). When he arrives in Portland, Edgar Waltz (Sebastian Roche), a Hundjager (hound dog of the Verrats), was waiting for him. He shoots Ian in the shoulder but Ian escapes–now he is being hunted, and he brings the hunt to Rosalee’s (Turner) on the Wesen shop steps.

Waltz is now in the home of Captain Renard–dude speaking German–and he wantss Renard’s help to find Ian. Being the pimp that he is, Renard told Waltz not to come into his home again, lest he gets blown away!

Waltz, the bounty hunter.

GRIMM -- "Cat and Mouse" Episode 118 -- Pictured: Sebastian Roche as Waltz -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Since Waltz insists  on Renard to help him find Ian or he will wreck havoc in the town, he made good on his promise. He found a Wesen bar to find out if the bartender, a Skalengeck, has seen Ian anywhere around. The bartender knew of another Wesen who made fake passports and Waltz receives the the information he needed. But before he left, he decided to leave a courtesy bullet behind. Damn,  the bartender gave him a free beer and still wound up getting shot.

Meanwhile, Rosalee encounters Ian after years of separation and he is hurt. She calls Monroe to assist her in removing the bullet from his shoulder. At the same time, we learn along with Monroe, that Rosalee and Ian had a “thing” at one time. When they started exchanging ‘foxy Fuchsbau looks’ at each other, my man Monroe looked as if he got a little jealous. Bullet removed, Monroe’s heart restored–maybe.

After Ian and Rosalee’s association was established, she tells Monroe who he really is and her brother was involved in the resistance due to his passport forging abilities in order for Wessen to travel around–hence why Ian was in Portland. Monroe knew that someone is trying to find him. He instantly suggests they phone Nick, however Ian is a little skeptical about that idea due to his unfavorable opinions of Grimms. This is where things start getting rough in the show. Since Renard isn’t helping Waltz in his hunt to find Ian, Waltz is manipulating the system, or using it rather, to find him. Hence, killing bartender + murder charges= frame Ian.

This world is on the brink of war.

GRIMM -- "Cat and Mouse" Episode 118 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bree Turner as Rosalee, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Neil Hopkins as Ian -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

When Nick finally meets Ian,  he still believed him to be the murderer of the bartender! But no worries, Rosalee and Monroe talked him down and Nick realizes that Waltz is the true enemy. Waltz phones Nick and agreed to a freidenreden or “truce” meeting; Nick has to help him find Ian or there will be more murders in the city. Trust me, Nick already has a few plans of his own.

Waltz then moves onto an old photo shop where Rosalee’s brother obtained his passports. He threatened to kill the owner’s family if he did not help him in his search. The shop owner reluctantly agreed. Not too soon after, Rosalee visits the photo shop and informs the owner he helped her brother and now she needed another passport for Ian.

When she left, the owner phoned Waltz who returned to the shop and waited. Rosalee returned to retrieve the passport while Waltz wound up killing the owner anyway, and followed Rosalee back to the spice shop. He pretended he was just an ordinary customer, then pulled a gun on Rosalee. He instructed her to call Ian and inform him to arrive at the shop within 15 minutes. Instead, she phoned Monroe.

Dog fight!

GRIMM -- "Cat and Mouse" Episode 118 -- Pictured: Sebastian Roche as Waltz -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

You all may know by now Monroe has developed some feelings for Rosalee. I’m not too sure just how I feel about this–he is my favorite character on the show–but when he heard that she was in danger, our Blutbat’s eyes turned red. He immediately phones Nick to tell him that something was about to go down–he was going to save his lady regardless! Nick insisted that Monroe and Ian waited for him to show up in order to arrest Waltz for murder, but things did not turn out exactly the way Nick had hoped.

We are back to the shop now, and Waltz still has Rosalee at gunpoint. Nick enters the shop and plays a trick on Waltz, saying she called a Fuchsbau.  Monroe enters the shop, and he ain’t no Fuchsbau baby; Rosalee phoned a Blutbat! Monroe was all over that Hundjager in an instant! Ian kills Waltz, but it didn’t matter if Waltz lived or died–more assassins would come.

At first it seemed Nick was about to bring Ian to jail for killing Waltz. However, he was giving Monroe time to move Waltz’s body while he brought Ian to the bus terminal; handed him a bit of money and a brand new passport. You could tell that this gesture blew Ian’s mind–now he thinks more highly of Grimms.

There is a lot going on and there is something bigger than Nick and Renard going on and soon we will see just how they both fit into the story. I have my theories. I will reveal them in future episode discussions to come.

Well played.

GRIMM -- "Cat and Mouse" Episode 118 -- Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

This episode of Grimm revealed more inner workings in the Wesen world, and gave us some idea of how Nick and Renard play a role in it. It was also the most complicated episode thus far; the dialogue is more immersed in history–giving us better understanding of the Wesen and human worlds. Seems as if there may be an actual “foundation” to the show’s premise.

The writers are successfully developing the ‘story within the story, and it seems future episodes will reveal an intimate relationship between the characters–humans and Wesen alike. Overall, I was impressed by last night’s episode.

Hold on a second–there still is the ever remaining “drop” in progressing the story from the last episode. I mean, what of Adalind? Her mother, Catherine? Yeah, we got to hear more of what happen afterwards with Hank but don’t stop there! Maybe it’s meant to be that way with every episode–ending with more questions than what we started with?

Oh I get it. Cliffhanger to keep us coming back for more. Awesome.

Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper. Next Friday on Grimm 9/8c.

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