GRIMM: New Episodes, Claire Coffee Promoted to Series Regular

GRIMM -- "The Good Shepherd" Episode 205 -- Pictured: David Diuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Grimm’tastic’s back on Fridays!

NBC’s GRIMM making a few changes to its’ season two cast and I am all about the news that Claire Coffee will be returning as a series regular. Coffee has been a recurring character or “Hexenbiest” Adalind Schadenemesis to my favorite television detectives Nick Burkhardt (David Giutoli) and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby). Since the very first episode, Coffee has been a key bad ass in nearly all that has gone wrong in Portland–she tried to assassinate both Nick and his aunt, and nearly killed Hank with a batch of toxic cookies. In addition, TV|Line announced that Jason Gedrick (Boomtown) will have a “guest stint” on the show as Craig Wendell–a murderer Hank (Hornsby) helped put on death row.

Season two of Grimm is back on Friday and will be picking up where we left off in episode four QuillAs you all may know by now–Hank is “in the know” and is adjusting to knowing the ins and outs about Wesen; there is still the issue with another attacker landing in Portland; and Sgt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) true intentions; and our dear Juliette (Tulloch) still do not remember who Nick is.

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This Friday night at 9/8 (CT), Grimm returns with the episode The Good Shepherd and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) will go undercover to help Nick find out the truth about a Blutbad heading a local church filled with a new Wesen-type Seelenguten. With Monroe potentially going undercover to find out if the leader of this church is a “reformed” Blutbat  put him in danger? He seems pretty excited to be in on this investigation and all–something just doesn’t seem right about this, and this is what I like.

This wouldn’t be a great show if the series did not take risks. As I stated before, season two has gone through some major changes by way of writing and plot development, CG special effects–just the overall dynamics for the new season has changed. It isn’t any wonder that Grimm, and NBC Fridays kicks ass. I never thought I would get to say this again so here goes:

Thank Grimm it’s Friday.

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