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Claire Coffee as Adalind

She’s baaaaaack!

Spoilers! After a long absence, Adalind (Claire Coffee) is back and I have a sinking feeling that she is up to no good. Especially when I see her meet up again with Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz). It seems that Renard wants her to enter into some sort of relationship with Hank (Russell Hornsby). If you remember, Hank saved her life when a Mellifer in ‘Beeware‘ (episode 3) was trying to kill Adalind. Well, she bought him dinner after his rescue and the relationship fell off after that.

Now it seems Renard wants her to rekindle the relationship and use any means she can to do so. He slips her a vial of something red, he mentioned “good thing he just had a physical?” So was that Hank’s blood in that vial? What the hell do they plan on doing to him?

As Renard understands it, the key to keeping Nick (David Giuntoli) on “their side,” is to make nice with his friends. This let me know right there that Nick is stronger than he believes himself to be. Before I go into last night’s episode, this is the part where I like to get into the background of last night’s show; feel free to skip down to the section titled:  Farewell, dearest Fuchsbau for immediate review relief:

Donkey Still Life (detail)

Soon he was so in love with the witch’s daughter that he could think of nothing else. He lived by the light of her eyes and gladly did whatever she asked.

Tonight’s episode referenced the Grimm tale The Cabbage-Donkey (Der Krautesel), where a young huntsman met an old woman in the forest while out for a walk. The old woman was hungry and thirsty and asked the huntsman if he had something he could spare. The huntsman gave her whatever he had in his pockets and in return, the old woman told him of a small tree where 9 birds perched and pecked at a magical cloak.

She instructed him to shoot at the birds to startle them; all but one will fly away. The cloak will fall along with the dead bird. He was to retrieve the cloak, and eat the heart of the felled bird. She informed him each morning he would find gold under his pillow. Thereafter, every morning when he woke, he saw her words were true. While wearing the cloak, all he had to do was make a wish to travel to a place and he would be there in an instant; a magical method of teleportation.

Soon the huntsman amassed a fortune and decided to go out into the world. Eventually, he finds a castle, another old woman, and a young maiden. What is it about the old women in Grimm tales and their ability to tell when a young man has wealth? Anyway, she immediately set her daughter after him and of course, things happened–people are turned into donkeys, someone dies, and in the end he gets the girl and they live happily ever after.

In Island of Dreams, you really do not see much of this story; however, there is the lure of a beautiful woman who ensnares her prey by carrying a plate filled with ginormous chocolate chip cookies. If you still haven’t seen last night’s episode, I suggest you head on over NOW. This episode of GRIMM was long overdue and yet, absolutely worth the wait.

Farewell, dearest Fuchsbau

Randy Schulman as Freddy Calvert, Paul Glazier as Clint Vickers

The show is now in the groove of things and we are beginning to see how previously introduced characters are playing their part in the world. We were introduced to Skalengecks in episode 9 Of Mouse and Man but this time, they are a couple of drug addicts. We get a great view of who and what they are when they are inhaling a drug from a bowl through these monstrous horns. After getting high they paid a “visit” to the old Wesen spice shop and Freddy (Randy Schulman), our poor unsuspecting shop owner, has to pay for it with his life.

Whatever those skalengecks were smoking came from the basement of the spice shop and they were going to get more of it. When Clint (Paul Glazier), a skalengleck, confronted Freddy, it resulted in a scuffle where Freddy was shot dead. Our random robbers didn’t make out with the lot they’d hoped for and decided to return much later.

The spice owner sister, Rosalee (Bree Turner), was contacted and brought in for questioning. It seems she will be sticking around for quite a while. Nick contacts Monroe to meet with him to see if he could help identify exactly what the robbers were looking for. The two discover there is a Wesen version of “crack”, a drug called “J” they used to get high. Rosalee is all too familiar with the drug; she was once an addict herself.

Monroe, Monroe–where art thou?

Bree Turner as Rosalee

Fast forward, Rosalee and Nick team up to stop her brother’s killer. It is a good idea the series will keep Rosalee around for a while and did I detect a hit of romance between her and Monroe? Perhaps it’s a species thing. In the beginning she was all set to leave town. Now it seems she has decided against it. And as much as I hate to admit it, the two of them look nice together. I can’t help but to wonder that she will break his heart somehow.

Adalind, using the vial of blood Renard gave her, bakes a batch of chocolate chip cookies to give to Hank. When she shows up at his home he was a bit surprised to see her. She gives him the cookies and insisted that he’d eat them alone. Unfortunately, Hank leaves a cookie out on his desk and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) found it irresistible. The cookies produced a hallucinogenic effect in Hank and in Sgt. Wu a nasty allergic reaction, causing giant puss balls to form on his face. Thankfully, Rosalee knew how to treat his condition. However a weird side effect has resulted…he has a taste for the foam in the sofa cushion.

It was nice to see Hank be of some use. Nick has been partnered off with Monroe for most of the show and even though I enjoy watching Nick and Monroe solving crimes together, it was nice to see that Hank can play a pivotal role in the series by handling part of the story on his own.

Juliette’s got…a gun?

Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton

What of Juliette? Looks as if she wants to play a part in Nick’s job as well. She informs Nick she wants to own and learn how to fire a gun.  Funny thing though, she shoots like it’s second nature—like she has experience. I’ve been saying all along that there is something up with Juliette and more to her role than just being Nick’s girlfriend. I’m telling you, she is either a Grimm, or some bad ass creature we’ve yet to see.

Overall, the series is showing huge improvement in the way of character development and themes. The CGI for the creature effects have also shown a great deal of improvement and transposing the creature effects to match the actions of the actors are seamless now. In previous episodes, animations were a bit sketchy. I am enjoying that Nick is coming into his own as a Grimm, and all of the show’s actors have upped their performances, make the show believable.

Damn good show. I am hoping the series will be part of my Friday nights for a long time. Well, as long as it doesn’t start appearing, well “fake.”

Nick pulls all the stops for a romantic getaway, but his duties as a GRIMM are never done. ‘The Thing with Feathers” Friday, April 6th 9/8c on NBC.

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GRIMM - 'Island of Dreams,' The Wesen spice shop is robbed; and Nick discovers that the criminals were after a rare and dangerous drug.

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