GRIMM FINALE: It’s Going To Get Mad Crazy!

GRIMM -- "Season of the Hexenbiest" Episode 212 -- Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Hit em low, hit em high Nick!

GRIMM FINALE (2:12) Season of the Hexenbiest – All the difficult trails and tribulation of the season rests on this last episode. As you all know from my previous rants and raves, the finale has a lot of issues to try and resolve in one episode. I am sure it will be a season cliffhanger–heck, the last episode of season one was a cliffhanger and the matters from that episode still remain unresolved. Maybe the show is hoping that we all have the same amnesia Juliette’s (Tulloch) been driving us mad about all season and “forget” about the show’s unresolved conflicts. Adalind (Coffee) is back, and she’s been back since the beginning of the season, and from what little we seen of her–well, we can pretty much to see a deluge of misgivings, possible cure for “the obsession” fiasco she caused, and a lot of asses getting kicked.

Adalind returns to wreak havoc in everyone’s lives and avenge her mother’s brutal death. She has her eyes set on Nick (Giutoli) and those closest to him – especially Hank (Hornsby) and Juliette. Elsewhere, Captain Renard’s (Roiz) obsession continues to escalate. Meanwhile, a surprise visit at the spice shop gives Monroe (Mitchell) more than he ever bargained for.

Adalind returns looking for payback for what happened to her mother–and losing her Hexenbiest powers last season, and she is going to cause trouble for everyone. I noticed in the trailer promo they are bringing up the business with the key again, and potentially an assassination attempt on Hank.

So I will go on and give my list of rants again which I hope will resolve itself in the finale in case you missed anything:

 —  I am still on about the whereabouts of Nick’s mother and those Coins of Zakynthos.

— If Renard’s brother Eric (James Frain) will make an appearance in the finale since it appears he is sending Adalind in with some brutes to back her up in Portland.

— If this “obsession” business will resolve itself in this episode and if so, will Juliette get her memory back.

— If we will hear more about the family business–if Renard will get any more of those mysterious phone calls from someone else in the dark threatening him about his “Grimm” issues.

— What the hell is Renard anyway. I am thinking that he is half Hexenbiest–since his father had an affair with one. Will we see a total Wesen reveal in the finale?

Don’t you just love happy endings?

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