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GRIMM -- "Love Sick" Episode 117 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jessica Tuck as Catherine, Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard-- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM Spoilers! Renard (Sasha Roiz) has found a new partner in crime named Catherine (Jessica Tuck), and she seems every bit of manipulative as her daughter Adalind (Claire Coffee), who seems to have her Hexenbiest claws fixed on Hank. Renard’s new partnership with Catherine may be an effort to settle an undisclosed debt with him. There is also a severe tragedy to befall this episode which I am terribly disheartened by, however, this just might be a good thing as an unexpected turn for the series. 

Before I get into the ‘ins and outs’ of the Love Sick episode, this is the part where I discuss the Grimm background of  last night’s show. Feel free to scroll down to the section Where two are company, three is a dilemma section to get into the review bits.

Woman with Green Donkey

‘Forgive me for the evil I have done you; my mother drove me to it; it was done against my will.’

I first referenced the tale The Cabbage-Donkey (Der Krautesel)  in The Island of Dreams review (episode 15) of Grimm where a mother is using her daughter to manipulate a young huntsman out of his gifts (a bird heart, that when eaten, granted it’s devourer a gold coin every morning; and a cloak that granted the wearer the ability to teleport to any location so desired). The quote above is from the portion of the tale where the ‘beautiful daughter’ explains to the young huntsman that her mother was the one who poorly encouraged her daughter to ill pursue the huntsman–she wouldn’t have  otherwise, for she loved him dearly.

Just as it is in many of Grimm’s tales, it is always the mother of a beautiful daughter at the head of all mischief  and evil deeds. In Love Sick this also seems–hang on a second, will this be the case as well with Hank and Adalind? Could it be that Adalind really does care for Hank? Woah. But before I get to far ahead of myself, let’s delve into last night’s episode. If you haven’t seen it yet I suggest that you head over to NBC NOW!

This is the best episode yet. Brace yourself.

Where two are company, three is a dilemma.

GRIMM -- "Love Sick" Episode 117 -- Pictured: (l-r) Claire Coffee as Adalind, Jessica Tuck as Catherine, Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

With Nick (Giuntoli) frantically searching Aunt Marie’s trailer for whatever the key she gave him in episode 2 of the season unlocks, Renard is stirring up his own bit of complications. Renard’s family butler procured him from his police duties to insist that he visits his cousin at an undisclosed location. They are looking for a key–the key Nick’s aunt warned him to guard with his life. Ink spilled on Marie’s old desk and coated the key. Nick noticed there was a pattern revealed on the key when he pressed it to paper. It made an impression but not discernible just yet. Not only does Renard knows how awesome Nick is at resolving cases–he intervened in the investigation of the dead men by switching the cellphone SIM card found at the scene–he didn’t want to see the murder trail lead up to him. He has to be careful now; Nick is on a role.

We are beginning to see in this episode a bit more of Renard’s role in the show and what I am getting, is that Renard has plans of his own outside the wishes of his family. He made a statement to Catherine; “Those who help him, will be rewarded. Those who do not, won’t.”

Of course, the two “visitors” wind up dead by Renard’s hands and Nick and Hank (who were at dinner with Juliette and Adalind at the time) are called in to investigate. Hank finds a phone one of the dead men were carrying and Nick notices that Sgt. Wu (Lee) has eaten not only the wax of his ChapStick® tube–he ate the entire tube!

When there’s a cure, there’s a way.

GRIMM -- "Love Sick" Episode 117 -- Pictured: Bree Turner as Rosalee -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Rosalee (Bree Turner) is brilliant. Not only is she an intelligent addition to the show, she has proven to be a pivotal aspect to it.  When Nick visited Monroe to discuss Adalind’s interest in his partner Hank, Monroe suggested getting involved with a hexenbiest isn’t a venture that is always in a human’s best interest. After going through a few resources found in her brother’s herb store, they found that Adalind used a tailored zaubertrank on Hank–altering his infatuation with Adalind; and that same zaubertrank caused an adverse reaction in Wu, causing him to eat the most peculiar of things.

Rosalee produced an antidote that cured Wu (hopefully) of his pica but it will no longer work for Hank. When Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee visited Wu at his apartment, he was eating his carpet. Nick busts in and Rosalee administered the cure. A couple of convulsions later, Wu was back to himself. What of Hank?

It is implied he and Adalind consummated the relationship and therefore altered the effect of the zaubertrank has on Hank. The only way to save Hank now was to get the hexenbiest to ingest the blood of a Grimm. Sound’s easy enough, right?

Let’s settle our differences…violently.

GRIMM -- "Love Sick" Episode 117 -- Pictured: (l-r) Claire Coffee as Adalind, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt-- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Nick brings the fight to Adalind! She phones Nick to meet her so that they could do a key exchange in order to save Hank. Nick has other plans that involve getting his blood into Adalind. Sounds naughty, but this was the furthest thing from Nicks mind. See, he never favored Hanks relationship with Adalind. He knew she was a liar. He wanted to take her down in the most violent sort of way.

Nick and Adalind go at it tooth and nails! As with many fights, theirs winds up on the ground and Nick plants a hard kiss on Adalind’s lip, which she responds to by biting. BIG MISTAKE!

In that instant, the blood flows from Nick’s lips and into Adalind’s mouth. Then she dies–well not in a mortal sense, but her hexenbiest spirit leaves her–and also her hold on Hank. Now my friends, this is where my heart breaks for Adalind. She is now ordinary and I am a tad bit pissed about this plot devastation!


GRIMM -- "Love Sick" Episode 117 -- Pictured: Claire Coffee as Adalind -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Why? Adalind is key to the mystery of this series. Her role now has been rendered useless by ridding her of her powers! Wait, this can be a good thing. See Adalind went to her mother’s home and tried to tell her what has happened. They rejected her! Renard and her own Mother! Now I mentioned before where this could be a good thing.

Adalind could become another ally of Nick’s? What if she were to pursue the relationship between herself and Hank–provided that Hank isn’t told everything there needs to be told. I haven’t figured out exactly how this will work but I am thinking Adalind, after being rejected by her mother and Renard, may need to prove herself valuable again somehow. If she can potentially exploit the “feelings” Hank originally harbored for her, she can still be in this thing somehow.

The show has also increased the culture of its dynamics by bringing in powerful key characters into play, namely Catherine. What is her relationship with Renard? Also, my condemnation of Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) in my last GRIMM review drew some criticism. Guys, if you’ve seen this episode, what did she do? She barely got dinner. Hence, I will stand with my original opinion that she is not significant enough of a character to remain. Okay, I will admit she does add a personal importance to Nick in his life–as well as Rosalee and Monroe (oh yeah, something is brewing with that one), as is it with potentially Hank and Adalind’s relationship. Now all we need to do now is get Sgt. Wu a love interest and we may have smiles all around! Renard doesn’t need to be included in my ‘pairing up of characters.’  The dude is a pimp in his own right.

This has to be THE best episode of the season as I have rated this episode with 5 STARS. I am eager to see the succeeding episodes as they can only get better every-time. Thank you guys for kicking ass. I look forward to next Friday.

Thank #GRIMM it’s Friday! “Cat and Mouse” Friday on NBC 9/8c

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