GRIMM: The World of Gaming Comes to Life in ‘NAMELESS’

GRIMM  has been kicking up the ante with the dramatic subplots–Nick’s (Giuntoli) other 4-senses are heightened when he loses his sight! Nick was blinded by the “Sandman”, and he still was able to solve the case! Of course, he had help from Monroe and Hank, but can he get any more bad ass? Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is still “crazy.” I’m afraid that there is no letting up on this one folks. Now Rosalee (Bree Turner) has a step in to lend her a hand. Honestly, I don’t see why she is wasting her time. I don’t think the Juliette aspect of the show resonates this season. Technically, she has been “dreaming” since last season. Whatever. It’s like her character’s subplot is constructed as an after thought. Fortunately for us, the rest of the show continues to prove intriguing:

SynopsisNick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) Takes on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin when a mysterious killer targets a video game company!  When a gruesome homicide brings an office party to a screeching halt, Nick and Hank find themselves battling a Wesen on a completely new platform – online. Meanwhile, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) mysterious hallucinations finally start to take shape, giving them a whole new meaning. Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Claire Coffee also star.

Yeah, so umm, Adalind (Coffee) has her own awesome thing going. One of the royal brother’s may be her baby daddy. A mysterious old woman is there to help her–this child is worth a lot. It’s royal blood and Adalind is either seeing dollar signs–or she is getting ready to birth the Antichrist. I wonder if she sees it as a way to get her Hexenbiest powers back.

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