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GRIMM - 'Organ Grinder' Episode 10 - Pictured - Valerie Cruz as Dr. Vanessa Levine - Photo by - Scott Green, NBC

NBC’s GRIMM is a new drama series inspired by The Brother’s Grimm classic fairy tales. The series, written and jointly created by Stephen CarpenterDavid Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf stars David GiuntoliRussell HornsbySilas Weir MitchellReggie LeeBitsie Tulloch, and Sasha Roiz. Homicide detectives Nick and Hank finds a black market that supplies the GRIMM creature world with human organs; Hank is realizing that the town is getting weirder; and Monroe is out $300 bucks!

Illustration From Hansel And Gretel Of Children Seeing House

we shall see the crumbs of bread which I have strewn about, they will show us our way home again.”

Way to bring in the heavy, NBC! This episode was by far–one of the most suspense filled episodes since the premiere series. Before we get into tonight’s episode; I want to give you all a bit of background on the Brother’s Grimm original Hänsel and Gretel tale.

Did you know that there are two versions of the tale? One version with a not so happy ending (1812); and another with a more kid friendly ending (1837). Since the “real” world isn’t all about happy, happy endings–here is an expurgated version of the more Grimm’er tale:

In the original 1812 tale written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, was a tale of child abandonment. See, there was a poor woodcutter, his wife, and two children. One evening while lying in bed, the father was worrying about how he was going to feed them all. His wife came up with a “cleaver” idea–she said to her husband, “listen man, take the two children out early tomorrow morning, give them a little piece of bread, lead them out into the thickest part of the forest–and leave them there. Problem solved.” (Ashliman, 2002).

The father didn’t do it willingly. But she nagged him until he finally gave in, and did as she wanted. But little did they both know, the children heard what their mother said to their father. Gretel was crying–but Hänsel told her not to fret. He went outside and found white shiny pebbles and filled his coat pocket (2002).

Came the next morning ans their mother woke them up. She gave them both a bit of bread–Gretel put the bread in her apron because Hänsel’s pockets were filled with stones–and they went into the woods–but the children found their way back home via the stones. But the next time, Hänsel could not get the stones because the mother locked the door (2002).

So the next morning, the mother took the children deeper in the woods. Since Hänsel could not go out and get stones, he had to use the bit of bread they had to leave a trail behind them. When they finally came to a rest by a large fire. The mother left them there. When the children tried to find their way back, they came upon a house made of goodies. A bit of fattening went on and when the cannibal witch wasn’t looking, she was outwitted by the children and thrown in oven. With the house filled with expensive jewels, the kids grabbed as many as they could and eventually found their way back home (2002).

We all know this part of the tale. What is less well known is this–the father was extremely happy to see his kids return home, however, the mother was dead. How’s that for a twist (2002). Exactly how she died, the tale didn’t specify.

So all’s well that ends well. Now, let’s talk a bit about NBC’s ORGAN GRINDER. You can still catch the show on the Grimm website, because what comes next, are opinionated *SPOILERS.*

Run, run as fast as you can!

GRIMM - 'Organ Grinder' Episode 10 - Pictured - Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe - Photo by - Scott Green, NBC

Two shirtless men are seen running for their lives through the forest at night, with their pursuers closing in. You catch a glimpse of one of the pursuers briefly–the face is birdlike. One of the fleeing men was caught, the other escaped into a river, and drowned. When the unidentified body was found washed up on the riverbank. After the autopsy by Dr. Harper (Sharon Sacs), it was found that the body was completely drained of blood and with no eyes (while the dead body was floating along the river, a crow plucked out the eyes and ate them). In his hand were shiny white pebbles, or stones. Sound familiar? They take the captured runaway back to their camp, where a large pit of fire was fed the body of a naked woman. I guess they didn’t take him to someplace good. The body of the teen was soon identified as Steven Bumford (Donald Fisher), a homeless teenager.

Not too soon after the medical examiner disclosed that the holes in the neck were from IV needles–possibly for the rapid removal of blood–Nick and Hank were called to a motor vehicular accident. At the scene, bags of blood and human organs were strewn all over the street. When the driver’s body was pulled from the wreckage, his faced transformed into the bird-like creature we seen earlier pursuing the two runaways in the beginning of the show. Hank makes a statement that the ‘town is becoming weirder.’

Nick retreats to his aunt’s trailer to find out what more is going on. He discovers that Geiers may be at the root of the dead and it is discovered, other missing teens. Of course he calls Monroe to find out exactly who or what he is dealing with.

Human testicles = GRIMM Viagra.

GRIMM - 'Organ Grinder' Episode 110 - Pictured David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt - Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin - Photo by Scott Green - NBC

You’ve read correctly.  Male human testicles are a coveted medicinal item for the creature world.  You are probably wondering just how these  ‘items’ wind up on the market? It’s all thanks to Geiers, or vulture-like creatures, who derive much pleasure in obtaining human soft-parts to dry up and use as homeopathic remedies; or as aphrodisiacs to take care of creature ‘inadequacies.’ Monroe dutifully informed Nick of this over dinner.

According to Grimm creatures, humans are like ‘exotic animals.’ So their “parts’ are useful. Monroe also mentioned that he heard of a dealer in town that possibly sold these specialty items. Predictably, he is asked if he could procure some for evidence. Reluctantly, Monroe takes a trip to the Grimm herbalist.

So this herbalist or specialty ‘dealer’ sells Monroe ground human gallbladder, but not before ‘proving’ that he is one of them. Monroe morphs into a blutbadt; the dealer morphs into a Fachsbau (a sly fox creature). After paying $300 bucks for gallbladder–he brings the item to Nick–who does not return the amount used to purchase. Harsh. Nick later enters the herb shop, and roughs up the Fachsbau a little bit to find out exactly who he is getting his organs from. In so many words to tell the Fachsbau that if he finds out he is ‘dealing’ again, he will deal with him.

Nick is gaining his footing as a Grimm. Using his ‘power’ as a Grimm to “out” and intimidate otherwise hidden creatures.

Is everything okay, Doctor?

GRIMM - 'Organ Grinder' Episode 110 - Pictured Valerie Cruz as Dr Vanessa Levine - Photo by Scott Green - NBC

Upon further investigation, a doctor is the source of the missing teens and organ harvesting: Dr. Vanessa Levine (Valarie Cruz). See, in order for the Geiers to have a consistent flow of organs, the doctor used her office to find their victims–who were mostly young and healthy, runaway teens.

Earlier, during their investigations, Nick saw a teenager selling necklaces using the stones similar to the ones found on the body of the dead teen. He asked if she knew who ‘Steven’ was. Gracie (Hanna Marks) and her brother Hanson (Daryl Sabara)–our Grimm version of Hänsel and Gretel–knew the missing teen, and knew that another teen, Kevin Standish (James Maxey) was also missing. The missing teens were promised jobs and a few weeks ago, were taken in a ‘white van’ to some undisclosed location.

In between the investigation, dinner with Monroe, and discussions about whether or not he should disclose to Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) that he is a “Grimm”; and he even wanted Monroe to ‘Blutbat’ out in front of her as proof–decided against it. Partly due to Monroe dosing him with much needed reality, that people, humans, aren’t good when certain facts are revealed as fact–our human minds cannot process it.

Now, here is when all the dots connect: Gracie became ill after she and her brother slept out in the rain one night. She went to the free clinic to see Dr. Levine, who prescribed her antibiotics “to take with food.” Gracie mentioned that she and her brother ate a really great meal with a detective and his fianceé the night before.  Of course, this aroused the doctors suspicions.

It wasn’t too soon that after Gracie told the doctor about Nick and her missing friend, Steven–that they were approached regarding work. They were snatched up immediately.

Can I have another kidney, please?

GRIMM - 'Organ Grinder' Episode 10 - Pictured - Valerie Cruiz as Dr Vanessa Levine - Photo by - Scott Green, NBC

Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) creative investigative techniques led our detectives to an out-of-the-way trailer in the woods. It was within the trailer, after Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) kills an attacker, they find human organs, strung up like deli sausages. Soon, Nick and Hank piece together that the missing teens were seen at the same free clinic as the dead teen.

Abducted Gracie and Hanson were being dragged (Hanson is leaving a trail of white stones from his necklace) into a barn where the doctor was seen operating on another captured teen.

A crew of cops, and Nick and Hank, are now on the scene. Nick find the trail of white stones. When Nick and Hank peek into the barn, they see the doctor beginning to operate on Gracie. In the end, the cops arrest a few of the captures, and Nick is outside fighting Dr. Levine. In the end, just as the witch in the tale, fall into a fiery pit.

Back at the office, Captain Renard finds a small package, with an ear inside. His phone rings and a mysterious caller  tells him that Nick is disturbing the ‘way of things’ and has to be destroyed, and if he doesn’t do it, then they will. If you remember in the ‘Lonely Hearts episode, a reaper paid a visit trying to eliminate Nick but Captain Renard intervened. He was warned to “deal with Nick.”

In the end…

GRIMM - 'Organ Grinder' Episode 10 - Pictured - David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt - Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard - Photo by - Scott Green, NBC

I know I’ve said it before, but this has to be the best episode so far. This time, Juliette finds some purpose in a episode instead of being consistently useless. She noticed that Gracie was missing someone, Kevin. She told Nick that she knows what it is like not to hear from someone you cared about.  Still, not enough to clarify why she is there. But I am thinking back on the conversation Monroe had with Nick, in that a “creature” can reveal themselves whenever they wanted to–to whom ever they wanted to reveal themselves to.

→  I am again going to approach the ‘Juliette is a closeted hexinbeast,’ that Nick cannot see because he is in love with her.  I’m telling you, something is up with that.

→  Also, what was it with Hank this episode? Not only is he in disbelief that the town isn’t the same, but he was more or less lead on from point-to-point in this episode. Maybe it’s because I seen him more involved and active in Game Ogre and I liked seeing him take front and center in his character role–but he didn’t get much face time it seems in this episode.

→  I don’t know when or if Sgt. Wu will be more than a wisecracking crime scene investigator. I am looking forward to his character developing beyond his current role stagnation.

→  I enjoyed seeing Nick and Monroe getting in a little one-on-one time. It seems that Monroe wants their friendship to proceed beyond the business aspects of it. I wonder what will happen once Nick realizes Monroe isn’t just his personal Grimm Wikipedia.

→  Captain Renard what is up with your Reaper’esq tendencies? Will it be revealed that he is there to protect Nick? You know in the phone conversation with the mysterious person, he mentions that Nick isn’t a threat. Is he a Grimm protector? 

Did you catch a peek at the next episode ‘Tarantella?’ It seems that Nick and Hank will take on a ‘widow maker’ of sorts.

Citation – Ashliman, D. L. (2011 September 7). Hansel and Gretel: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Retrieved from 

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In GRIMM, Nick and Hanks finds a black market that supplies the GRIMM creature world with human organs.

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