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GRIMM, Last Man Standing EP 112, David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell - Photo by Scott Green - NBC

NBC’s GRIMM is a new drama series inspired by The Brother’s Grimm classic fairy tales. The series, written and jointly created by Stephen CarpenterDavid Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf stars David Giuntoli, Russell HornsbySilas Weir MitchellReggie LeeBitsie Tulloch, and Sasha Roiz. In ‘Last Grimm Standing,‘ Captain Renard orders some ‘divine’ justice ; Nick and Monroe is united in a ‘caged’ tag team match.The Lion Recognises an Old Benefactor When He Encounters the Slave Androcles in the Arena

On the fatal day the beasts were loosed into the arena, and among the rest a lion of huge bulk and ferocious aspect.”

The tale of Androcles and the Lion by Joseph Jacobs is referenced in episode 12 of NBC’s GRIMM Last Grimm Standing, is an old tale written in the Europa’s Fairy Book, which was published sometime in 1916 (Ashliman, 2009). Jacob’s original story is a combination of various historical references through which he pinned his tale–note, the tale may be familiar to that of The Lion and the Mouse, which is an old Æsop’s fable:

In the old days of Rome, a slave by the name of Androcles escaped his master and fled into the forest where he wandered for a time. He heard a lion making loud moaning and growling noises and instantly, Androcles knew that this was an animal in pain. He took pity on the Lion and decided to help him. When he looked at the Lion’s paw, it was bloodied and swollen. Embedded within the Lion’s paw is a large thorn. Of course, Androcles ‘plucks’ the thorn from the Lion’s paw, and being as genuine as a King of all animals are, the Lion offered him a young deer which he caught for himself. The two shared many meals together and Androcles became fond of the Lion.

As in every tale, something bad usually happens–the Lion was caught by soldiers and placed in a circus. Androcles was arrested due to him being an escaped slave and thereby sentenced to death. He was made as a spectacle for crowds and was to face a ferocious Lion and be torn to shreds.

We all know how this tale ends–Androcles and the Lion are friends. Androcles was allowed to go free, and so did the Lion. Both lived out the rest of their days separate, and now at peace.

If it were only so for Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell). In tonight’s episode, the two find themselves in the most compromising of positions. This isn’t a complete recap of last night’s show, but my favorite observations noted. WARNING:  There be spoilers below.

If your dog yelps in the deep dark woods…

GRIMM -- "Last Grimm Standing" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Robert Blanche as Officer Franco -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

The great episodes keep on coming! Of course there are minor areas for improvement but I have to say, the series writers have been busy! No mercy from them–I mean, they killed two people that could have been my Grandparents this week, in the most brutally excruciating way, when one of them went out to check on their angry dog. T’was no skunk that made the dog upset. It looked like  a Lausenschlange or snake-like creature making a reappearance? Or was it a new creature we haven’t seen before?  Anyway, we see unknown creatures on horseback lasso and drag him off to some undisclosed location! Perhaps he escaped from somehow, and they were sent out on horseback to bring him back?

What is truly cleaver about the series now is the depiction of how involved the creature world is, a prevalent society and that there aren’t “featured creatures” specifically each episode and this is brilliant! Each episode is becoming more unique so there isn’t a “repeated” feeling when another creature reveals itself.

After the couple was slaughtered the team came in and found evidence of horses in the area, and bloodied fingerprints from the attacker. By this point in the series, it’s good to see that Nick is falling into a pattern of finding out who, or what creature may be the cause of the recent homicide. Once the investigation is on its way–new details emerge about just what is going on, especially after the trail leads to a ‘fight arena’ of sorts. Nick’s character is ‘adapting’ to his surroundings–he is coming into his own now, and Monroe is a crucial element in the crime scene investigations.

Let’s get ready to…well, you know the rest! 

GRIMM -- "Last Grimm Standing" Episode 112 -- Pictured: BJ Britt -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

The GRIMM ‘fight club’  or Lowen Game’s is ran by a Lowen,  or “Lion” Leo Taymor (Nick Chinlund) and it seems he is stepping on the toes of Nick’s boss Captain Renard (Roiz). It seems that Captain Renard’s “new” involvement in the show is becoming more pivotal—he is some sort of Prince! Go figure! This news is a bit of a shocker to find out because all season there were hints to his significance. Now it is becoming more apparent. Well, since Leo implied that the “old way” no longer applied to him, and that his Princely powers no longer had an effect–Renard had to seek out ‘divine’ intervention.

When the investigation of the alleged murderer of the elderly couple leads the detectives to a boxing arena, they meet a young boxer Brian (B. J. Britt) who is revealed to be a Dickfelling or thick-skinned creature; when Nick “see” him, he took on an appearance of a human Rhino. He tells Nick and Hank that he hadn’t seen a team mate in quite some time. Eventually, the mysterious horse men return, and drags him off to some undisclosed location–next we see him, he is in a fight for his life and eventually, Nick and Monroe find themselves in the ring as well!

Now what is more significant of this episode–Captain Renard. Now, after the intimidation did not work with Leo, he had to consult a priest–yes, a priest. During this conversation, the priest asked him if “the sheep” that was led astray was forever away from the “flock,” and if the Prince (yeah, I know, right?) wanted him to be permanently ‘ex-communicated.’

Monroe, you always find yourself in the strangest situations

GRIMM -- "Last Grimm Standing" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

In the end, the case is successfully resolved, however, what is more apparent in this episode, the tides are changing. Just as aforementioned, Renard’s character role is becoming more significant and the pressure is on him to gain control of the town. If you can recall Hank mentioning that the “town is becoming weirder,” in episode 10 “Organ Grinder?” It also has become apparent that Nick’s job is beginning to have a direct effect on his relationship with Juliette (Tulloch). It was their 3-year anniversary in this episode and Nick was late for an important dinner.  It also didn’t help matters that Juliette knew that Nick was going to possible propose to her; especially after she found the ring he was going to do it with.

Is it that she is beginning to realize that the work of a police officer means many missed meals, missed dates, and possibly risks to her safety? For the first time–her role is becoming more significant for the series leading character.  Maybe this is an opportunity for the “Juliette” character to be written out of the script? Or perhaps–and forgive me for saying this–wind up dead? Now let’s consider all of the circumstances that lead me to this assumption: the home was broken into and Nick was attacked; the beavers stalking their home; and now that the whole town is on to Nick being a GRIMM, she truly isn’t safe anymore if any of the Vessens are out for revenge.

Am I missing something…someone?


—  This is the second episode that our beloved Sgt. Wu hadn’t appeared. What gives? Did I miss something in the last few episodes? Did he get fired or something? I hope this is a brief hiatus and he returns. The show seems to be missing something if he isn’t in it. His character has amazing volatility and expanding his involvement beyond a crime scene investigator could potentially prove invaluable for the show. I missed Mr. Lee so much, I had to tweet him about it:

 Great news, indeed!

—  What was that potentially badass creature that Prince Renard summoned on Leo? Man, I wish I’d seen that!  Think about this as well–if Renard is “involved” in the Church somehow, or is it that the show is making it known that the world is filled Vessens on every level. Woah Grimm, you just blew my mind.

—  I’m telling you, the more Juliette becomes aware of Nick’s ‘alter ego,’ the more she will be placed in danger. I’m also guessing the more she realizes that being the wife of a police officer/detective isn’t an easy role–and she may exit the show on that note? I know, I am grasping at something here. There may be a good reason why she is still on the show after these many episodes of being barely in them.

—  The detective team of Giuntoli and Hornsby couldn’t be better! They are a significant part of the show and extremely a worthwhile detective team. Throw in a bit of Weir-Mitchell as the smexy Blutbat Monroe and NBC just can’t lose.

Each of GRIMM’s character’s role significance are revealing themselves in more extraordinary details, and this is also revealing more about the creative prowess of the show’s writers and director. NBC’s GRIMM Last Grimm Standing is representative of everything the show ought to be.

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Grimm Captain Renard orders some 'divine' justice ; Nick and Monroe is united in a 'caged' tag team match.

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