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GRIMM -- Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r)David Giuntoli as Nick Burckhardt, Russell Hornsby as Hank Green -- Photo by: Scott Green/NBC

NBC’s GRIMM is a new drama series inspired by The Brother’s Grimm classic fairy tales. The series, written and jointly created by Stephen CarpenterDavid Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf stars David Giuntoli,Russell HornsbySilas Weir MitchellBitsie TullochReggie Lee, and Sasha Roiz. Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (Giuntoli) finds out that he is from a long line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms.”  He quickly finds that it is his destiny to maintain the balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world. In this episode, Nick and Hank investigate the death of an abused housewife; and a “reaper of Grimms” comes to town.

Bluebeard Attempting to Kill His Last Wife, Fatima, Illustration from "Contes De Ma Mere L'Oye"

There she paused for awhile thinking…but the temptation was so great that she could not conquer it.”

The story of Bluebeard was not one of the original Grimm classic fairy tales, but a French folktale by one Charles Perrault where a man, who was not “frightfully” handsome, but frightful because of his looks, and massive blue beard; he also had many wives, which he murdered and stored in a locked room in his home. He would give his wife keys that unlocked doors to exuberant treasures, however, one of the doors lead to a room filled with his dead ex-wives. He told each of his wives the details behind each key–temp them–and told them to never use the key to open the rooms. Of course, out of curiosity, she would open the room and soon to find herself among the deceased. However, one of his wives were luckier than the others and fortunate for her brothers, who killed Bluebeard just in time. In a quote from the classic tale:

Here,” he said, “are the keys of the two large storerooms, and here is the one that locks up the gold and silver plate which is not in everyday use. This key belongs to the strongboxes where my gold and silver is kept, this to the caskets containing my jewels; while here you have the master which gives admittance to all the apartments. As regards this little key, it is the key of the small room at the end of the long passage on the lower floor. You may open everything, you may go everywhere, but I forbid you to enter this little room. And I forbid you so seriously that if you were indeed to open the door, I should be so angry that I might do anything.”

The Lonelyhearts episode of Grimm used a few elements of the classic tale.

The intro’s are always interesting to watch; after watching ‘a hand’ turn a valve just as an arm of a woman break through an upstairs window, you then see a woman, running frantically down a dark road with weird creatures coming after her, just when she is struck by a car. While the driver was calling 911–a strange man caresses the face of the injured woman–suffocates her and disappears.

Nick and Hank are called to the crime scene and speak to the driver of the vehicle. The man tells them that there was someone else there at the scene with him, and told him to phone 911 but disappeared immediately after. After further examination of the woman, they realized that she was dressed for bed and wearing makeup; she had deep cuts along her arm, and barefooted. Which led them to the conclusion that she lived close by, and was in a hurry to get away from something, or someone, who might have been chasing her. When it is discovered who she was, Nick and Hank then questions her abusive husband, Ray; although he didn’t have anything to do with her disappearance. He mentioned that she was too busy on her computer to fix him dinner and they got in an argument over it; and perhaps the person who might have been with her on the eve of her death is one of her 322 online “friends.”

GRIMM -- "Lonelyhearts" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Henry Lubatti as Slivitch -- Photo by: Scott Green/NBC

Via collective police work lead Nick and Hank to a local bed and breakfast, “the Bramble House,” to speak with Billy Capra (Patrick Fischler), the owner of the B & B, to ask if he remembers Faith possibly being there (she was). He then showed them around his garden, which was home to small birds and other animals, more specifically, Sonoran Desert toads , which looked nothing like the actual Sonoran Desert toads–or Colorado River toads–that inhabits the deserts of Northwest Mexico. These toads are special because their skin and venom contains a poisonous bufotoxin. Just as our homicide detectives begin to leave, Hank steps on one of the endangered toads and appears dazed by it, then apologizes for the incident. Nicked noticed that Billy “morphed” into a goat-like creature or “Ziegebolk, in the reflection of a small pool of water.” Billy, devastated by the death of the toad, picked it up. When the detectives leave, Billy devours the toad.

Back at the station, the reaper, or Slivitch, asks about looking for a friend of his who was shot by officers. Of course he wasn’t given any information and was sent on his way. Nick and Hank gives their report to Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) about what they have discovered about the homicide case. A strange man who arrived earlier in the show (Henri Lubatti) and check into a hotel with a large suitcase that contained a scythe specifically made to kill Grimm’s. Also, We found out more about Captain Renard (Roiz). We know from previous episodes that he is a “Grimm Reaper” and from watching last night, he is the Alpha and Omega of the Grimm reapers. After taking the ear off of Slivitch, there’s not a reason to doubt it.

It is within all the plot twist and turns–when Nick just cannot find all the answers in his aunts “creature profile book,” that he has to once again consult with the series #1 character personality Monroe (Mitchell), who gives Nick a bit of background on just what a “Ziegebolk” is and does. Of course, Nick wants Monroe to follow him and almost gets caught under the Ziegebolk’s spell. The episode resolves the mystery behind the missing women and eventually capturing Billy the Ziegebolk, as expected but this time, the plot was left “open” because the Ziegebolk, even after being injured in the same manner as the woman in the beginning of the show–was still able to ensnare the female EMT caring for him. Is this a sign that we will be seeing him again in future episodes?

Alas, the show still leaves behind a few questions:

♦  Why Captain Renard is allowing Nick to remain? He knows that he is a Grimm and yet, he hasn’t dispatched him as of yet, nor has he made any attempts at doing so.

♦  Still no clue on what purpose Nick’s fiancee, Juliette, is serving in the show other than being supportive of Nick–well, someone he goes home to every night. I suspect that she, and Captain Renard, are intertwined somehow. Maybe she is a closeted Hexenbiest, there to spy on Nick?

♦  When, or if, Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) will play a bigger role in the series, other than the quick witted crime scene investigator?

Questions without answers seem to be the consistent theme for the series. With 4 shows already behind us–I am ever the more curious to find out just how it all will end. The plot thickens.

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GRIMM - 'Lonelyhearts'
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In Grimm "Lonelyhearts" Nick and Hank investigates the death of an abused housewife; and a "reaper of Grimms," comes to town.

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