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'Game Ogre' Episode 109, Pictured - Eric Edelstein as Oleg Stark, Photo by Scott Green, NBC

NBC’s GRIMM is a new drama series inspired by The Brother’s Grimm classic fairy tales. The series, written and jointly created by Stephen CarpenterDavid Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf stars David Giuntoli,Russell HornsbySilas Weir MitchellReggie LeeBitsie Tulloch, and Sasha Roiz. Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (Giuntoli) finds out that he is from a long line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms.”  In this episode, Hank (Hornsby) confronts an escapee who is seeking revenge on the people who help to put him behind bars; and Nick (Giuntoli) calls in another solid to Monroe (Mitchell).

Jack the Giant-Killer Confronts the Giant with Two Heads“Fee fi fo fum…I smell the blood of a Englishman…”

Jack and the Beanstalk is an old English folktale that transcends many cultures. Primarily, the tale originated from Joseph Jacobs between 1860 – 1890 (Ashliman, 2010). The tale references a poor widow, her son, Jack, and a cow named Milky-White. Every morning, Jack would bring milk from the cow, daily, to market for sale. When the cow no longer produced milk, it was then Jack and his mother had to sell the cow for its meat. Of course we know the rest of the tale: Jack meets a guy who traded him a few beans for the cow, Jack went home with the beans, pissed his mother off due to the bad trade, Jack still decides to plant the beans; the seeds sprouted and grew into a massive bean stalk; which Jack climbed, et cetera, etc.

 In last night’s episode, GRIMM’s twisted tale of Jack and the Beanstalk didn’t involve a cow nor some kid named Jack. But an ogre. A Seigbartse or “ogre” escaped from prison to get revenge on those who put him there. There wasn’t any “magic beans” involved anywhere in the episode, so I would not go as far to say that “Game Ogre” was reminiscent of the classic tale, however, last night’s episode was more akin to the Jack the Giant Killer tale in which “Jack” kills a number of giants during the sensationalized tales and times of King Arthur.  Never matter, don’t want to bore you all with too much fairy-tale history–let’s get into Friday the 13th episode of GRIMM on NBC. If you haven’t seen it, you better head on over to watch ‘Game Ogre’ because  in this recap–*there be spoilers below!*

'Game Ogre' Episode 109, Pictured - Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Sasha Roiz as Captin Renard, Photo by Scott Green, NBC

Bashing through walls and windows!? Dead bodies and a severed hand thrown in a river, and a tongue resting on the scale of lady justice? Looks like someone was pissed! Nick and Hank are on the case of a brutal murder, well, murders involving one Oleg Stark (Eric Edelstein), a Seigbartse (a stoutly fellow with dense bones and thick skin i.e. ogre)  Hank was partly responsible for incarcerating. When our detectives investigate the body of Victor Chilton, he is found with one hand and a woman’s watch–not his -and finds that it was an antique piece. They had to contact someone who would know about repairing old watches–you guessed it, my personal favorite in the show, Monroe.

Of course. Monroe is a genius! Not only is he the “go to” for any and all Grimm’s creatures and needless to say, is pretty bad-ass himself. Anyway, Monroe takes the watch apart and get upset because some has glued the mechanics of the watch, keeping it from functioning properly–perhaps, to set it for a particular date and time? Monroe uses the serial numbers within the clockwork to find the original owner. Eventually they find her, but she wasn’t in any condition to be speaking to anyone.

Mary Robinson was the prosecutor on the case involving Stark 5 years ago, as was the jude, and Victor Chiltion. At the same time, Monroe phones to tell Nick that the watch belonged to “Mary Robinson.” At this point in the show, I was like, oh shit…that’s it for Hank then. I was certain he was on his way to an early exit from the series…not quite.

'Game Ogre' Episode 109, Pictured - Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Photo by Scott Green, NBC

Before we get to the ultimate show down between Hank and Stark–Nick almost experienced a career end’er. Nick went home and phoned Juliette (Tulloch). She was on her way home with fresh ravioli and had asked Nick to put on a pot of boiling water. It was then Nick heard something outside, but passed it off as raccoon. It wasn’t the raccoon Nick had to worry about.  In the same fashion he entered the the judges house, Stark bursts in and administers a serious beat down on Nick. Luckily, Juliette returns home just in time to throw that boiling pot of water in Stark’s face, sending him fleeing the scene.

This just got personal for Hank.

Nick in the hospital, Juliette returning home with police protection, and Hank is pissed. While Nick is in the hospital, Monroe visits and gives Nick a bit more detail on just what this guy is, and the only way to kill Stark, is to poison him. Nick has the poison and the weapon to use it with, but there is just one problem, he’s in the hospital. Nick has to give the keys to his aunt’s trailer to Monroe. Like a kid in a candy store, Monroe pours over all the GRIMM’esq things Nick’s aunt collected over the years, and passed down for centuries. With Monroe packing, he heads back to the hospital and see that Hank is already there…with Stark steaming close by.

'Game Ogre' Episode 109, Pictured -Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Photo by - Scott Green, NBC

Now I know it’s all about protecting what’s yours and taking risks. Defying your superiors, avoiding going to a scheduled rendezvous specifically set up to catch a wanted criminal! Hank my man, you are losing your mind!

–Hank lures Stark into a desolate lot and get out his shotgun and yells to Stark that he is under arrest. Monroe is poised, rifle and poisoned bullet ready and waiting.

–Hank and Stark begin to fight, and it is obvious Hank is losing. Just before Stark delivers athe final blow to Hank, Monroe shoots him with the poisoned bullet, immediately packs up and halls ass outta there.

–Hank calls in the anonymous shooting then heads to the hospital to tell Nick what has happened. But Nick already knows, because Monroe already informed him.

Now I will stop there as to catch up on the solid performances this series’s return. The core of the show–the friendship between Monroe and Nick–was sealed when Nick had to give Monroe the keys to his aunt’s trailer to retrieve the potion and shotgun necessary to fell a practicably unbreakable Seigbartse. Tough skin–intolerance to pain–there was no way Hank could have killed Stark on his own. No. It took one man, and that man was my main man, Monroe. What’s truly great about this episode is that everyone is on the team this time to keep Hank safe. The captain (Roiz), Sgt. Wu, and Monroe–it was truly good to see everyone’s involvement in this case. I am still wondering why Nick does not “sense” that the Captain is something more than he is? Something is coming my friends. I have a feeling that it will have something to do with Juliette.

I don’t know–I am ready to find out her true purpose in the series. I mean, she has to be doing something more than being a “companion” character. But for right now, I am just happy the series returned. To tell you the truth, I was beginning to feel a bit deprived.


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