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GRIMM, Of Mouse and Man, Episode 109, Pictured Fred Koehler as Marty, Photo by Scott Green, NBC

NBC’s GRIMM is a new drama series inspired by The Brother’s Grimm classic fairy tales. The series, written and jointly created by Stephen CarpenterDavid Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf stars David Giuntoli,Russell HornsbySilas Weir MitchellReggie Lee, Bitsie Tulloch, and Sasha Roiz. Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (Giuntoli) finds out that he is from a long line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms.”  In this episode, Monroe (Mitchell) gets a “beat-down,” and a mouse issues out a few comeuppances.

Il Maestro

 “I am impelled not to squeak like a grateful and frightened mouse, but to roar
like a lion out of pride in my profession” – John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men

I’ve been busy trying to find the exact Grimm tale that matched-up with last night’s episode and I simply could not find one, however, the show cleverly references the “Lenny” character in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. “Leonard Krane” character is nicknamed as “Lenny.” Although I don’t see a connection in the character overall personalities–in fact, the Lenny in Steinbeck’s novel is timid, whereas “Lenny” in this episode is a bully.

Forgive me for posting this Grimm review late–as I am delayed by a night-shift that cut into my Friday evening viewing hours altogether. Thank goodness, NBC has their episodes airing the following day.

I must tell you this straight away that I had a few problems with this episode. For one, my man Monroe (Mitchell) suffered a beat down; still waiting on Juliette’s purpose in the series; and wtf is up with the creatures/people stalking? Note: *Spoilers Below*

 Of Mouse and…mouse?

There must be something going on with the show featuring ‘mice’ as a source for character conflicts in the series. Mice have a pretty bad rep as being one of the lowest of the animals on the food chain, so maybe it is time for some revenge. Marty (Fred Koehler), a nervously shy Mauhertz, mouse person, has had a hard life. His father broke his back some years ago and Marty was tasked to care for him for most of his adult life. His father must have been a real jerk because Marty’ possesses a passive-aggressive personality–a few Lausenschlanges, snake-esq’ people, died in the process. It seems that the roles were reversed on the proverbial food chain.

GRIMM, Of Mouse and Man, Episode 109, Pictured Doug Brooks as Mason Snyder, Photo by Scott Green, NBC

Lausenschlange vs. Maushertz 

Poor Leonard. His days of being a bully ended with his body impaled with a screwdriver to the throat, and his body in a dumpster. There was a trick of the camera play here, because the body the ‘killer’ dumped the body “sees” the dead man differently.

Nick and Hank arrived at the scene and found that the killer left a trail of blood to a parking garage. When they meet up with the building manager, they find that Leonard had more than one run in with a few people. They soon find Natalie, Leonard’s girlfriend, and take her in for questioning. They find out that not only did Leonard assaulted her, they also found out that Mason Snyder also argued with Leonard that night. Gripe #1: I did not enjoy Nick and Hank asking Natalie why she stayed with Leonard. Women who are abused by a spouse or loved one tend to feel “trapped.” Granted. Being an abused person is a potential motive for wanting someone dead. I just think the guys were a bit harsh.

Afterwards Nick and Hank are sent by Cpt. Renard (Roiz) to question Marty, an extremely nervous acting junk shop guy. He admits to being afraid of Leonard–and that Mason got there when he left the fighting couple. It was then Nick sees Marty ‘morph’ into his mouse form. Besides all this, Marty has an alibi–his father can verify that he went back to his apartment so there was no way he could have had something to do with the murder.

Being sure to cover all their basis, Nick and Hank question Mason in his office about Leonard. It was also an opportunity for Nick to see Mason for what he truly was–a Lausenschlange, and according to Monroe, prey upon Maushertz. Talking of which–my main man Monroe was assaulted by reapers.

GRIMM, Of Mouse and Man, Episode 109 - Pictured, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe - Photo by Scott Green - NBC

Look out, Monroe! 

As always, Nick visits Monroe to discuss the latest creature featured in the episode. It was then Monroe received a call from someone regarding a job. He was told to meet at some office building at 13:30 the next day. He did and was freaking sneak attacked by a mob of reapers. How do we know? They left their calling card on the hood of Monroe’s car–in blood. Monroe is breaking the “status quo” with assisting Nick with his criminal cases. This attack was to make him aware of that. Of course in the end, Marty is found to be the killer. Monroe and Nick are still on the same team, and we have to again wait…for another episode.

Gripe #2 Reapers. Damn Reapers. What’s their stated purpose in this episode? Now that there’s more of them around, maybe they need to have a meeting of sorts about why they are in the show. So far, the show is pretty predictable, however, every bit curious once the main premise for the episode is revealed. I know I didn’t mention much about Juliette and her apparent stalking attempts in this review. There truly wasn’t a reason to.

Damn it. It seems that I did anyway.

 Predictability…not good.

That’s just it. The show is becoming a little too predictable. Sure it was a bit of surprise that Monroe was suddenly beaten up at random, but what else is there to bring to the episodes? The questions that still remain unanswered are these:

  • Yes. We know there are reapers on the show. Heck, the Captain is one of them. He even knows that Nick is a Grimm but what of it? When will he do something more than look incredibly smexy and give a few orders? We need more interplay between him and the goings on in the show. Does he even know that the people who are committing the murders in the town are “creature” people?
  • Juliette. What is your purpose here? She is becoming more apparent in the series now. But simply turning her into a stalker doesn’t make her role on the show anymore interesting.
  • Monroe. We know Nick will keep coming to him asking for information on the very same creatures he could just look up in Aunt Marie’s book. I’m not good with him being a ‘go to’ guy. Maybe these last two episodes is an attempt to expand his importance in the show. Either way, Monroe-Silas Weir Mitchell–is the show’s ticket to awesome and is there a need for more to be done with him?
In closing, I really liked that Monroe’s run-in with those reapers didn’t damper his spirits at all, he and Nick popped a beer and basically wants what ever to come to bring it! Making a Lausenschlange a ‘trial injury lawyer’ is fitting. Also, I’m getting pretty po’d that the show is taking yet another break. It returns again in two weeks–even though it may be the series’s most interesting episode yet. Someone is collecting human organs–as medicinal remedies.

See you soon!


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In Grimm, In this episode, Monroe (Mitchell) gets a "beat-down," and a mouse issues out a few comeuppances.

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