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Grimm vs. Grimm?


GRIMM (2:10) Wishes do come true. Renard (Roiz) and Juliette (Tulloch) got to kiss again–proving to Juliette that our dear captain is her knight and shining armor. I say it’s about time. The attraction between them was becoming unbearable to watch. Poor Nick (Giuntoli), being on that couch has finally gotten the best of him, and it is beginning to reach over into his detective work. Nick beat the crap out of Adrian Zayne (Michael Maize), a Schakal. All that pent up frustration starting to wear on him. I wonder what will happen when he finds out that Juliette and Renard are into one another. Am I the only one rooting for these two to get together?

And branded upon the beast, the mark of his kin. For none shall live whom they have seen.

The quote above references from the book of Wesen tales that are unique to the show. Monroe (Mitchell) reference from the Grimm Fairy Tales for Wesen Children, when he discussed with Nick and Hank (Hornsby) the origins of the symbol branded on the dead Wesen. The symbol Endezichen Grimm Sterbestunde represent a rare or ancient race of Grimm that killed Wesen-kind indiscriminately.



Branded. In every sense of the word and luckily, none of my favorite Wesen ended up as victims to the rouge wannabe Grimm Ryan Smulson (Michael Grant Terry), who turned out to be one of the most hideous Wesen I’ve seen so far. Ryan is a Lebensauger, an eel-like Wesen and according to the Grimm Guide, are ashamed of their appearance and will do just about anything to not be who they are. Which does explain why Ryan was to enthusiastic to be around Nick. When Nick and Hank investigated Ryan’s home, they found the walls of his room covered with images of Nick. When Ryan was confronted after the kidnapping and just about to kill Bud (Danny Bruno), an Eisbiber, he morphed into his true eel self. He wanted Nick to kill him because he hated being himself. A self-hating Wesen is really sad. No, Nick did not kill him–he handcuffed him instead. Perhaps Ryan will learn to love himself  more in prison.

Unlike in the other episodes, where Nick and Hank were called to the scene of a crime, The Hour Of Death starts mid-case. Nick and Hank were trying to find a missing woman, and it must have been a trying case because Nick was dreaming about it. That was when Juliette woke him from an obvious bad dream. Nick mentions that he can no longer stand it on the couch. Juliette response is like, well, deal with it.

At this point of the story, its good that finally we are beginning to see something going on between Juliette and Renard. The romantic tension between them has been going on too long as is the story with Adalind’s return.  It’s getting kinda worn out with Monroe in a “cameo” role, in the show, and he is much better aiding Hank and Nick with crimes. With two episodes left for this season, I am banking on a helluva lot of season shockers.

Because dammit. Its about time. 

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Grimm, The Hour of Death
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When a brutal vigilante homicide is made public, it sends Portland's Wesen community into a frenzy.

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