GRIMM: Wesen Baby Gluhenvolk, and Annoying Juliette

D’awwww. GRIMM haz a baby!


GRIMMs (2:41) Endangered episode caught me a little off guard this week. Not only do I have to get used to this new time slot–Grimm on Tuesday’s just doesn’t feel right. I became a little concerned when an “alien like” Wesen would be featured. Usually, when a series introduce an alien theme–9 times outta 10 the show is  usually on it’s last leg. Luckily, for all of us, this wasn’t the case this time. 

The relationship memory misadventures between Nick (David Giuntoli) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) need to come to a plausible resolution–or just end the relationship. This subplot has been going on for far too long. Both have, one too many times, barged in on the blooming romance between Monroe  (Silas Weir-Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner).

Note to Nick and Juliette: “hurry and solve your own relationship issues before you two ruin someone else’s.”

A Wesen reptile (Gluhenvolk) and thankfully, not an alien, was the featured Wesen of the week. This extremely rare reptilian creature is hunted for its luminescent skin. Monroe and Rosalee  became a little more than excited when they found out who Nick’s new suspects are. We even got to find out why in some UFO reports, cows were mutilated–for their ovaries. Tasty, tasty. I would like to know what will happen now since the SWAT team caught a glimpse at the Raub-Londor Wesen. I am sure this will develop into another laborious plot twist. Let me take a guess on how it may play out:

Captain Renard (Roiz) will get on to Nick about a “wesen” being spotted by normal folk. So, just as with displacing evidence of other mysterious deaths and burying dead wesen–the file on this creature will soon disappear, as well.

We are getting somewhere with Nick’s key business and revealing the mysterious key to Monroe is a step in the right direction. Monroe is a treasure trove of information and perhaps one of the best developed characters on the show.

I have to say that the writer’s and producer’s over at NBC are very  busy. Here, we are in season 2, and we are set to watch our 42nd Grimm episode!

Keep em’ coming guy’s! Now on NBC Tuesdays 10/9c

Loved the ending!

Special guest stars Eric Tiede as “Vincent,” Erin Way as “Jocelyn” and Sharon Sachs as “Harper.”

Artwork and supplementary materials courtesy of © 2013 NBC GRIMM. All rights reserved.

GRIMM, Endangererd
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Review Summary:

In episode 19 of GRIMM an extremely rare reptilian creature is hunted for its luminescent skin.

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