GRIMM’s Bree Turner Promoted to Series Regular

GRIMM -- "Love Sick" Episode 117 -- Pictured: Bree Turner as Rosalee -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

GRIMM fans of herbalist Fuschbau Rosalee, hold on to your hats! Bree Turner has just been made a regular cast member on Grimm!  NBC was so impressed by her performance on the last two episodes she was featured in, they’ve decided to keep her on board–a fine choice. Turner’s contract officially begins at the start of the second season, hopefully giving us ample time to delve into the past and the Fuschbau aspect of our favorite spice shop owner.

Rosalee Calvert first debuted on Grimm in the episode entitled Island of Dreams, in which her brother (the previous owner of the spice establishment) was murdered by Skalengecks rummaging through the storage room for a spice Wesen’s use to get high. At first, she simply wanted to close up his shop. Nearing the end portion of the episode, she made the decision to cooperate with Nick and Monroe’s investigation by revealing her past involvement with “J”, the drug spice.

Grimm overall has been doing extraordinary on NBC, despite being on the highly competitive Friday prime time lineup. It is the most popular new drama series on the channel, aside from Smash, and is currently the highest viewed program in the DVR viewership category.

Rosalee adds such a nice element to the show; she’s a very helpful character who assists Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) in all of their cases–even cured Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) of his unusual ailment. She will be a much needed ally in what is guaranteed to be a bitter conflict with Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Catherine (Jessica Tuck). Speaking of Monroe, they have a very nice chemistry going on between them. Perhaps this will develop further in the second season?


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