‘Half’ by Alex Bohs – Review

I was so inspired after watching Writer’s Block by Alex Bohs, filmmaker and director from Chicago, I wanted to review another one of his amazing short films. This one is titled Half. Half is about two people meeting by chance. Now normally, when two people meet under ordinary circumstances, it’s just that; ordinary. However,this film features two individuals going through their morning rituals–making coffee and riding the bus. Kind of the same, but the same kind of different–and are soul mates.

Filmed side-by-side, or split-screen, it makes the film stimulative to watch, and definitely offers viewers a supreme appearance of quality. Sans dialouge, two different, visual perspectives, and how it uniquely come together. The style in which the film is made also allows for appreciation of the director’s ability to capture both women experiencing the same set of circumstances and quite possibly the same thoughts.

Bohs cinematic’s created love, existing in parallels. Two souls who will now remain always searching for the other–forever longing. Navigating the world in silence.

Now soulless, and hollow.

Such a pity.

Please enjoy Half a short film by Alex Bohs.


Written and Directed by

Alex Bohs


Chloe Howcroft
Emily Deering
Melody Snyder

Cinematography by:

Mark Johnson

Original Music by:

Davis Jones

Animation by:

Marissa Dorman
Chelsea Gyger

Special thanks:

Amanda Brinton
Brian Patterson
Dirk Matthews
Adam Glab
Kimberley Pinto
Michael Pinto

Image credit: Alex Bohs


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  • Rated 5 stars
  • Spectacular

  • Half
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  • Last modified: 2012-09-04

Review Summary:

'Half' by Alex Bohs is a brilliant short film of a chance encounter.

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