DVD Review: Hansel and Gretel ‘Warriors of Witchcraft’

HANSEL AND GRETEL WARRIORS OF WITCHCRAFT Twilight‘s BooBoo Stewart stars along with his twin sister Fivel Stewart in Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft, a teen-centered supernatural action film from writer Larson Tretter, and director David DeCoteau (Puppet Master III (1991), Creepozoids (1987). Perhaps this DVD release is an attempt to lure movie goers into checking out this mostly made-for-television Hansel and Gretel ripoff for the upcoming film of the same name starring Jeremy Renner…it’s not. It’s just another one of those Grimm brother’s films that may have been done over one too many times. Especially in this case. If you see the name Eric Roberts tied to a film, suspect sub-par entertainment. However, the review must go on…

Jonah (Booboo Stewart) and Ella (Fivel Stewart) are sent to an elite school in Massachusetts due to Jonah’s inability to fit into the usual high school cliques. He’s not a jock nor is he one of the popular kids. He always seems to find himself on the bitter end of the spectrum, while his sister is the complete opposite, being able to make friends and get good grades. Anyway, once they make it to school in Salem, Massachusetts they soon find out that there is a coven of wannabe witches to be dealt with.

Prepare yourself for an extremely slow-paced drama with more than a little predictability. Don’t be surprised to see Eric Roberts as the weird “ever creepy” headmaster peering around every corner keeping an eye on the twins whenever and wherever they are. Vanessa Angel as Ms. Keegan who is being a little too nice to the newly arrived duo; maybe because Jonah and Ella aren’t really “Jonah and Ella,” but are descendants from a long line of witch hunter-killers,  Hansel and Gretel. GroanLong story short–once they stop fighting among themselves, Hansel and Gretel set their sights on the teen coven of witches to protect themselves and the other students at their school from being soul harvested.

This film may only appeal to those who are willing to watch Booboo Stewart in anything since he was part of that hunky wolf pack in Twilight. I really don’t see any reason beyond just that.

Watch it only if you feel like it.

The DVD special features include some commentary with director David DeCoteau and actors Booboo and Fivel Stewart. There is a still gallery of images from the film. 

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Hansel and Gretel Warriors of Witchcraft
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Review Summary:

A brother and sister are sent to a private East Coast boarding school, and discover their true calling: the art of witchcraft.

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