HBO Spotlight: Chris Crocker ‘Me At The Zoo’

Chris Crocker, HBO Documentary, Me @ The Zoo

Chris Crocker, HBO Documentary (June 7, 2012)  On June 25th, HBO will debut a documentary on internet fame, and one of the most well-known internet celebrities of the late 2000’s, Chris Crocker.

Chris Crocker (birth name Christopher Darren Cunningham) is a transgendered gay male in his mid-20’s, who first gained popularity on Youtube with a video entitled “This or That” in 2006. The video reached over eight million hits in a period of half a year, and an internet celebrity was born. Crocker began to churn out more videos, and as of now is the 100th most viewed channel on Youtube of all time in every category.

In 2007, the vlogger received international fame after pleading with the media to “Leave Britney Alone” during the pop star’s public meltdowns. This clip was rebroadcasted on numerous late night programs, imitated by comedian Seth Green, and became an internet meme.

“There are those who entertain and there are those who observe,” says Crocker, who roams the house where he lives with his paternal grandparents, camera in hand, documenting every aspect of his life and posting videos to the web. Though born male, he identifies as a woman, which some around him don’t understand. In one of his many home movies, his grandma says, “I can’t realize you’re a girl when you are standing here looking like a guy.”

But his road to internet stardom wasn’t a bright one; Crocker had to be withdrawn from public school in his birthplace of eastern Tennessee due to constant harassment from his classmates and allegedly a member of the school faculty; due to this, he was put into homeschooling. He was raised by his religious grandparents, as his mother suffers from substance abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), resulting from her service during the Iraq War. She gave birth to Crocker at the age of fourteen.

First time filmmakers Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch directed the intriguing documentary chosen to be featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

Me @ the Zoo debuts exclusively on HBO June 25th at 9PM EST.

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