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The Highway 420, 2012Highway 420 (Hillbilly Highway) (2012) is another entry into the stoner genre of films, albeit a very stereotypical one. This film’s political correctness takes a serious nosedive in the first five minutes alone. Minor credit should be given to director Coke Daniels and executive producer Eddie Griffin (yes, the comedian Eddie Griffin) for the rather unique story line, but the strangeness of the film, accompanied by the mediocre humor is nothing more than a crashing down of nonsensical ideas.

Earl (Roland Powell/Lil Duval) and Ray Ray (Devin Copeland/Devin the Dude) are two friends who want to escape living in the hood of Atlanta. After being arrested, Earl is told of a mythical highway in rural Kentucky that leads to an area with acres and acres of unimaginably good marijuana by a prisoner (Tommy “Tiny” Lister). Upon their quick release, they decide to embark on a dangerous journey to an unfamiliar part of the country in search of a mystical crop.

The two main characters are blatant stereotypes of urban black people living in the hood, but they’re not the only ones. Every single character in the film follows a certain stereotype, whether as a hood rat (a girl of slacking standards, promiscuous), an Afrocentric, and a redneck. There is even one demeaning instance of “white face” by Eddie Griffin. All of the humor either circles these character molds and a large amount of inappropriate, raunchy humor. Either way, Highway 420‘s jokes are more head shakers than gut busters.

Aside from searching from the crop Earl and Ray Ray discover, there are two families that have been feuding for many years over the marijuana fields–the Gatsfields and the McCroys. These two families are what could be considered hillbilly gangs and every single redneck stereotype applies to both sides, right down to the sole attractive, skimpy clothes wearing daughter with the thick accent (Elle Capone).

Highway 420 is an urban niche film that definitely has a targeted audience. Why Erik Estrada agreed to be in this?

Anything for a paycheck.

Highway 420
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Two marijuana-loving brothers, Earl and Ray Ray, embark on a journey in search of a mythical highway in Kentucky, which they believe will lead them to "marijuana nirvana."

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