Miles Montego has it all. Including a past.

Steve Race‘s I’M IN LOVE WITH A CHURCH GIRL  (2013) has a real message of redemption from tumultuous circumstances, but the delivery is not the best. It is as if the film is not sure what it wants to be; fancy automobiles and stacks of money mingle with discussions of faith and living a clean life. Although based on a true story, the plot seems rather far fetched to believe. The film has surprisingly good acting despite the odd mashed upcast (Ja Rule, Michael Masden, and Stephen Baldwin acting skills usually does not scream “quality”), and though some of the transitions between scenes are rough and puzzling, the cinematography is crisp and vivid. Movies like this are mainly honing in on a target demographic, but for what its worth it is a decent film overall.

Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins stars as Miles Montego, a high profile drug trafficker who decides to leave his old life behind to work as a wealthy concert promoter. The DEA has him under surveillance because of his income and still hangs with a group of friends who are still in illegal business. When Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon), a regular church goer, appears into his life and causes him to have a change of heart toward religion. Their relationship is tested due to Miles’ shady past, as well as their faith in God.

A film starring Ja Rule rarely pairs its content on the subject of Christianity. However, the movie is not bad. Ja Rule demonstrates great acting skills and his character believability as a sympathetic young man who wants a new lease work in this instance. Adrienne Bailon’s appearance in the movie pairs the two well. The acting in this film is not the issue, and that includes the acting performance from Stephen Baldwin.

The overall message of the movie is refreshing and uplifting. However, I can not shake the perception that it comes across as half rap video half public service announcement. One comical scene involves Miles pursuing Vanessa in his Bentley when he first sees her by chance at an intersection, resulting in a chase scene with Miles being pulled over. The transitions between events are distressingly wrong with one callous event happening and then redeeming instantly. It is unfortunate “In Love” does not have a clear sense of direction in the story, however, visually well made otherwise.

Worth your time.

I’m in Love With a Church Girl Special Features include:

•  Making of I’m in Love With a Church Girl
•  Deleted Scenes
•  Galley Molina: The Real Miles Montego 

The making of featurette is long enough to be a short film on its own, totaling over 40 minutes. Details of the exact story the film was based on, as well as the actors and crew’s experiences are shown. Pastors and gospel artists give their two cents of their praise of the film and its message. Deleted scenes of the movie are also lengthy, coming in at just over 20 minutes, and with the movie already being nearly two hours, it was a good decision to leave out the extras. The last featurette reveals Molina to be the scriptwriter and shows he had good intentions of contributing to the film.

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Miles Montego has it all. Including a past.

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