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being of use or service

Director Inti Calfat’s USEFUL (2011) short film features the intimate struggle of a husband and wife. The Scala & Kolacny Brothers conducted an all-girl indie rock choir from Belgium covers Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody passionately cradles the events of the short-film. The wife suffers from an unknown illness that contributes to the loss of passion in their relationship. The woman lost what was most precious to herself and her marriage–sexual intimacy and desire.

What happens when a woman can no longer prove intimately useful to herself or her husband? Does this make her less of a woman? Knowing–better yet, understanding–that she can no longer fulfill the greatest and most precious aspect of her relationship; although it deeply pains her, she sacrifices and encourages her husband to seek the comfort of another woman.  Calfat’s films delve into the complexities of the human emotional psyche as you watch poignant performances by both actors–all the while, the hauntingly intimate vocals echo the physical desires for sensual, human contact.

Beautifully filmed, hauntingly passionate, and inspirational sadness. Quite possibly, one of the most beautifully depressing short films I have ever seen.

Director: Inti Calfat
Cast: Marijke Pinoy (Wife), Hans Van Cauwenberghe (Husband), Dolores Bouckaert, Leen Van Dommel and Elke Shari.

Art and supplementary materials courtesy of Inti Calfat. All rights are reserved. 

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Inti Calfat's USEFUL (2011) is an eloquent cover for Kings of Leon's ‘Use Somebody,’ performed by Scala & Kolacny brothers.

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